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PICS: The Braxton Family Values REUNION Special With Wendy Williams

Posted by on Feb 27, 2012 in Celebrity Family, Celebrity Fashion, Celebrity Kids, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos, TV Shows | 1 comment

While everyone was preparing for the Oscars, the Braxton Family were filming their reunion special with talk show host diva, Wendy Williams. Toni, Towanda, Traci, Trina, Tamar, and Ms Evelyn sat down with Wendy Williams to  discuss a few issues from the show. Hopefully Wendy asked Tamar, why Tamar keeps referring to herself as “she” instead of “I”.

I can also tell you that topics of discussion will include, the tension and jealousy between Toni and TamarTrina’s marital woes with cheating hubby GabeTamar’s hubby Vince’s hospitalization;  Traci’s struggle to find her true calling; and Ms Evelyn’s recent engagement. We will aslo find out if Ms E married the Doc. Check out a few pictures from the set, and get ready to watch the Braxton Family Values Reunion Special which is scheduled to air on WE tv Thursday night, March 29 at 9PM ET/ 8 PM CT.

Tamar Traci Toni WendyWilliams Trina Towanda Evelyn PICS: The Braxton Family Values REUNION Special With Wendy Williams

More pics of the Braxtons on the set of the reunion special with Wendy Williams

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LOL!!! The Breakfast Club Teaches Jennifer Williams How To Fight!!!

Posted by on Feb 21, 2012 in Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity News, TV Shows | 2 comments

Jennifer Williams was on The Breakfast Club this morning, talking about the fight with Evelyn. Clearing up rumors about stealing keys from her ex-friend turned Evelyn’s assistant, Nia Crooks. The funniest part of the interview is when Charlemagne and The Breakfast Club ask Jennifer Williams if she has ever taken karate lessons or self defense. This is one hilarious interview.

Now you grew up in Jersey. You never took karate lessons, taekwondo lessons, judo lessons, boxing lessons. You can’t buy a taser, some brass knuckles, nunchucks, a gun, a knife, do something. You gotta stop letting these people abuse you…Eric didn’t teach you how to fight!?!

Jennifer also says that if Evelyn wants to play the spill the beans game, Jennifer has some stuff on Evelyn, too, “She [Evelyn] claimed that she’s told him [Ocho] everything.”

Jennifer Williams On The Breakfast Club LOL!!! The Breakfast Club Teaches Jennifer Williams How To Fight!!!

Watch the video when you continue…Oh! Did you see that argument between Jennifer and Evelyn last night? Can someone please tell me why these two are fighting again? I really don’t understand it. I think something is seriously wrong with Evelyn,

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Get Ready: Diddy’s ‘Revolt’ Is Coming

Posted by on Feb 21, 2012 in Celebrity News, TV Shows | 1 comment

Rap mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is set to start his own cable channel.  Revolt is going to be a music-oriented channel, that should go toe-to-toe against bigwigs MTV and VH1, according to The NY Times.  Looking to start by the end of the year, the channel will feature music programming and news shows, under the influence of social networking site.  So I guess, for instance, if it’s hot on Twitter, they’ll feature it.

Diddy Circo Campaign Get Ready: Diddys Revolt Is Coming

That COULD be a good idea for some awesome musicians who lack mainstream exposure.  But with Diddy, you never know which way things will go.  He seems to have some A.D.D. when he takes on new projects and acts.  I mean, Diddy Dirty Money was supposed to change the game and about a year later, they were done.  And let’s not go through his list of OTHER acts that have fell off by the wayside. However, if you want to catch his channel, you need to make sure you have the correct cable provider.

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Draya Michele Gets A Body Wrap; Waist Anorexic!!!

Posted by on Feb 20, 2012 in Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos, TV Shows | Comments Off

Draya Michelle from Basketball Wives LA has a tiny waist. She tweeted this picture while getting a body wrap at LA Slim Wrap, and I bet the other cast members of Basketball Wives LA are jealous of that waist line. Not to compare bodies, but you notice how many of the cast members from Basketball Wives LA got into shape after sharing camera time with Draya. I bet you next season they will all step their game up and be slim, tucked, and tanned.

Imma let u in on a lil secret… I get LA Slim Wrapped! Whoop. No waist!! Waist anorexic!!!


Draya Michelle Body Wrap At The Spa Draya Michele Gets A Body Wrap; Waist Anorexic!!!

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As Seen On Basketball Wives – B Foxy Gold Crystal Bracelet

Posted by on Feb 20, 2012 in Celebrity Fashion, Celebrity News, TV Shows | 1 comment

MrsGrapevine.com teamed up with, Bianca Thompson, the accessories stylist for Basketball Wives Miami to highlight some of the must have fashion accessories featured on Season 4 of Basketball Wives. This week three of our readers are competing to win the Gold Crystal Spiked Bracelet from B Foxy Jewelry & Accessories (worn by Jennifer Williams below). The contest ends tonight after the season premiere of BBW on Vh1 at 8/7 c, and you can help one of the lucky contestants win by voting for them on our Facebook Fan Page.

 As Seen On Basketball Wives   B Foxy Gold Crystal Bracelet

Check out the gold spiked bracelet when you continue, and check out our three brave contestants competing. Don’t forget to watch the Basketball Wives Miami season premiere tonight to see some of the fabulous accessories this season will showcase…plus a whole lotta of drama!!!

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In Case You Missed It: HILARIOUS Beyoncé, Jay-Z & Blue Ivy Skit On SNL!

Posted by on Feb 20, 2012 in Celebrity Comedy, Celebrity Humor, TV Shows | 6 comments

You know, I sometimes wish for the Saturday Night Live of my younger years, with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd. But every once in a while, the modern day SNL comes up with a great skit.  This past Saturday former SNL member actress Maya Rudolph hosted the show.  While Maya is known for doing a great Whitney Houston impersonation, the show passed on that and instead had Maya play Beyoncé, in a hilarious skit.

Maya Rudolph SNL In Case You Missed It: HILARIOUS Beyoncé, Jay Z & Blue Ivy Skit On SNL!

She is absolutely SPOT. ON. with Bey‘s pronunciation and mannerisms! And Jay Pharoah has Jay-Z‘s voice down to a damn tee. And Fred Armisen as Prince had me HOLLERING!! Baby Blue also gets visits from Nicki Minaj, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, LL Cool J and Bon Iver, played by a surprise guest (THAT NEEDS TO COME OUT WITH AN ALBUM NOW, DAMMIT!!!). I love it!! Check out the hilarious skit, when you continue…

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