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Jada-Pinkett’s Mother Reveals She Was Not A “Good Mother” In Red Table Talks

Posted by on Apr 30, 2012 in Celebrity Family, Celebrity Kids, Celebrity News, Relationships, Videos | 3 comments

On May 13th, Mother’s Day, Jada Pinkett-Smith will release Red Table Talks. Red Table Talks is an intimate look at family, love, and relationships. In this first installment of this series, Jada Pinkett- Smith, daughter Willow Smith, and Jada’s mother, Andrienne Banefield Jones, sit down for an intimate conversation about their relationships. Three generation openly talk about hurt and pain as well as healing and love. In the trailer for the short film, Adrienne Banefield-Jones, admits to Willow that she was not a good mother to Jada.

You know Jada did not have the kind of life that you have now. I was not a good mother…

REd Table Talk Jada Willow Adrienne Banefield Jada Pinketts Mother Reveals She Was Not A Good Mother In Red Table Talks


I can’t wait to see Red Table Talks on May 13th! I’m happy that Jada is inviting us into her family. I definitely can’t wait to see one with Will Smith on marriage. Check out a sneak peek of trailer when you continue…

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Jesse James Is Headed To The Chapel

Posted by on Jan 20, 2011 in Celebrity Couples, Juicy Gossip, Relationships | 3 comments

kat von d jesse james 200x300 Jesse James Is Headed To The ChapelJesse James has not even let the ink on his divorce papers dry yet and he is already engaged to his tattooed sweetheart, Kat Von D.

Jesse James became the Vice-President to Tiger Woods last year when his cheating ways were became public last spring.  He and ex-wife, Sandra Bullock, have been officially divorced since June and both have seemingly moved on.

Sandra has adopted a child and has fully taken on the role of motherhood.  Jesse, on the other hand, has been publicly flaunting his relationship.

James was quoted:

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RHOA’s Kim Zolciak is Pregnant!

Posted by on Nov 22, 2010 in Celebrity Pregnancy, Relationships, Rumor Control, TV Shows | 6 comments

Life & Style magazine has revealed that Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak and boyfriend Kroy Biermann are expecting their first child together. She also confirmed through her Twitter account.
kim zolciak RHOAs Kim Zolciak is Pregnant!
Kim tells Life & Style about the pregnancy and her boyfriend Kroy:

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Becoming The Other Woman – My Personal Journey

Posted by on Aug 25, 2010 in Relationships, Sharron Todd | 27 comments

cheating mistress 211x300 Becoming The Other Woman   My Personal Journey I fell in love with a perfect man many years ago. He was beautiful, intelligent, philanthropic, he loved all music to include hip-hop, he loved everything about me and who I was as a person. One problem. He was married.

“If he was spending time with me, he certainly wasn’t spending it with his pregnant wife.”

Now, I knew him and fell in love with him before he was even married. But at that time I was unavailable because I was dating a friend of his. When I finally became single he was married.  Anyone with a moral compass that works would know to leave it completely alone— but I got as close to the fine line as possible.

We emailed everyday. He sent me newspaper clippings from the New York Times about things that were going on in the world. We’d have lengthy email discussions about every topic under the sun from politics to philanthropy. I’d share my writings with him and he loved them.  I told myself that all this communication with him was harmless since we weren’t doing anything physical.

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If You Want Your Man To Listen—Don’t Hit Him Where It Hurts

Posted by on Jun 11, 2010 in Relationships | 4 comments

How To Fight Your Man

Couple Arguing If You Want Your Man To Listen   Dont Hit Him Where It Hurts

I’ve always struggled with when to confront my previous boyfriends about things that bothered me or when to just leave well enough alone. Though most would say I’m not much of a “daily” nagger, I’ve also been notorious for turning into a pit bull when I feel I’ve been crossed by my man. So, how do you choose which things to argue about? And yes, I said argue.  None of us are under the delusion that arguments don’t exist in relationships—even healthy ones.  You don’t have to cut him, but you will disagree. And if the topic of disagreement is a passionate one, you will doggone argue.

Keep your empty threats to yourself. While you keeping crying wolf, one day he might just bite and leave YOU.

There isn’t a single person who can tell you all the things you should fight about or leave alone. All of our standards and desires vary based on our upbringing, social influences, religious or cultural beliefs or just our personalities in general. So, even though no one can really tell you what’s important or unimportant to you, there is a definitive WAY to get your point across. And ladies, that WAY does not include 1. Emasculating your man 2. Threatening to leave him 3. Constant screaming, yelling and cursing.

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Pack Your Bags, It’s Time To Leave Him

Posted by on May 27, 2010 in Celebrity News, Relationships, Sharron Todd | 8 comments

Part 4 of 4: How to Leave a Cheater

angela bassett waiting l1 Pack Your Bags, Its Time To Leave Him

Do I think people are perfect? Absolutely not.  Do I think that people can slip up and make mistakes? Absolutely.  But I’ve never, and never will categorize cheating as a mistake.  It takes a concerted effort and a conscious choice to take another woman home, undress her and then yourself, lie down, get physical, lie and keep secrets.  For all the biological reasons, the philosophical excuses and the social justifications that have been force fed to generations of jaded women—cheating on someone comes down to a choice.

Leaving someone you love is difficult. No one expects that you’re a robot programmed to leave as soon as your partner cheats.  But hopefully there is enough love of yourself to give you the energy to get up and go when someone shows they can’t be trusted in your relationship.

First, start with your toothbrush.  Yep, your toothbrush. 

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