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Old School Friday: Double Dutch Bus

Posted by on Jan 28, 2011 in Old School Friday | 2 comments

This week’s theme is Traffic Jam, and I have a special pick this week. This song came to mind for some reason, perhaps because of the world bus. What’s also special about this song, it’s where we get words like For Shizzle, My Snizzle; and no Snoop Dogg didn’t invent it.

It’s Al-rizzight…

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Old School Friday: It’s Cold Outside

Posted by on Jan 21, 2011 in Old School Friday | 4 comments

When it’s cold outside, I wan to stay inside cuddled under the Mister. So, I chose songs that reminds me of warmth, or even better heat.

When Mister has to go to work, then I wish he was here with me. So that’s why I chose the next song. This song was also sampled by one of Diddy’s artist back in the late 90′s, know who it is?

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Old School Friday: Another Sad Love Song

Posted by on Jan 14, 2011 in Celebrity Music, Old School Friday | 1 comment

Some of my favorite sad songs aren’t really old school songs, Jill Scott and Chrisette Michelle are good at making sad love songs, but since this is Old School Friday, and I had to go back in the vaults and think a little. Lionel Richie popped in my head, and I probably played this song before because it’s in one of my favorite movie, The Last American Virgin, but I can’t help it, this song is just sad.

That’s not it, The Last America Virgin also has another sad love song I love, Just Once by Quincy Jones and James Ingram.

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Old School Friday: Teena Marie Tribute

Posted by on Jan 7, 2011 in Old School Friday | 3 comments

I missed my Old School Friday family, and what better way to reunite than celebrating Teena Marie. I want to play all  my favorite Teena Marie songs just so I can revisit the past, but I’m going to stick to the rules and just pick one song. This was a really hard choice, but I’m rolling with Dear Lover. I just love the intro! Teena Marie demonstrates the octaves in this song.

I’m also happy to announce that we have our own website now, where you can get updates, sign-up to participate, and get the themes. Check it out Old School Fridays.

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Old School Friday: I Had A Crush On

Posted by on Nov 20, 2009 in Old School Friday, Videos | 4 comments

Back before Nino Brown (Wesley Snipes) stabbed Christopher Williams, I had a crush on El Debarge, Ronnie Devoe, and Garfield Bright of Shai. But, my biggest crush until this day is Tupac Shakur. I applied to USC, so that I can move to L.A. and stalk him, but luckily for him I chose a more competitive private university. When he was killed, I cried for days like he was my first cousin or something.

Last, but not least I chose Comforter by Shai. I know it’s not Old Old School, but it’s still a great song that takes me back. *Screams at Garfield*

 Old School Friday: I Had A Crush On

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Old School Friday: I Bet You Didn’t Know I Liked…

Posted by on Aug 28, 2009 in Old School Friday | 8 comments

It was hard for me to choose a song because I like a little of everything, therefore,  no one would be surprised. I have showcased every genre possible, so what could I possible pick… hmmmm…Then it hit me, I bet you didn’t know that I love movie soundtracks. One of my favorite soundtracks is from the movie  O! Brother Where Are Thou. It must be the Southern girl in me, but something about this movie reminds me of Sunday mornings at my grandma’s house in Mississippi before we had all these gospel stations. For your listening pleasure, I give you some delta folk.

[Down to the River to Pray]

[Constant Sorrow]

[Devil's Lullaby: Go to Sleep Little Baby]

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