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Jay Electronica Wants You To Be Ready…For…Something…

Posted by on Oct 10, 2011 in Celebrity Music, Celebrity News, Celebrity Twitter | 1 comment

Y’all remember Jay Electronica?  Last I personally heard of him, he was a part of a running joke hashtag on Twitter called #BaduBox (and if you go to Twitter right now and look it up, you can still see that it’s still going fairly strong).  Well, all morning long, Jay has been letting Twitter know that something is going to happen today.  We need to be ready…for what exactly?  Not to sure.  I believe it’s going to be a new single…or announcement of a new project…

Jay Electronica1 Jay Electronica Wants You To Be Ready...For...Something...

I’ve been trying to follow his tweets to see what was up but…I got nothing.  Check out more of what he had to say to Steve Job’s family, Bun B and what Idris Elba had to say and see if you can figure out what this mystery is…

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Single Rihanna: “Relationships Can Feel Like A Chore”

Posted by on Oct 10, 2011 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity News | Comments Off

Rihanna Dating Dudley O’Shaughnessy Single Rihanna: Relationships Can Feel Like A ChoreIn the November Issue of Vogue UK, Rihanna reveals that she is lonely. The singer admits it’s not easy coming home to an empty room. Although she loves her job, it’s a hard business, and it’s even harder when you can’t share it with a special someone.

I need an escape because this job is way too much anyway. It’s a pain in the [behind] coming home alone and after work to lie in a hotel bed with nobody to get you up unless it’s work related. But it makes no sense starting something you are going to stop, so I don’t want to rush into anything.

Although Rihanna is lonely, she is not in a rush to start a relationship, just yet. Relationships may be fun, but too much work goes into dating. *Side-note* Well it looks like she’s having some fun in the picture above:

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Is Skinny Jennifer Hudson Becoming A Diva? Paid Singer Skips MJ Tribute…

Posted by on Oct 10, 2011 in Celebrity Concert, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Honors, Celebrity News | 4 comments

So Jennifer Hudson just skips the Michael Jackson Tribute in Wales at the last minute. In other words, the singer is a no-show at a tribute for the King of Pop. Now get this, the singer has been paid in advance of the show and pulls out just hours before show time. But why would Jennifer Hudson do such a thing? Jennifer Hudson has been so reliable in the past, even stepping in at the last minute to bail out Donald Trump at a charity event when Rihanna was a no show.

Jennifer Hudson Self Magazine Women Doing Good Awards 2 Is Skinny Jennifer Hudson Becoming A Diva? Paid Singer Skips MJ Tribute...

Find out why Jennifer Hudson pulls out of the concert at the last minute when you continue…I’m not saying she’s a diva, well actually, that’s exactly what I am saying…READ on!

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Rihanna Gets Waxed!

Posted by on Oct 7, 2011 in Celebrity Honors, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos | 4 comments

Rihanna goes back to red, but don’t worry, it’s only a wax statue of Rihanna this time. Yes, Rihanna gets waxed for the Madam Tussauds Museum in London. I think they did a great job, down to the red wig and all. What do you think?

Rihanna Wax Statue Madam Tussauds in London 2 Rihanna Gets Waxed!

I know someone had fun sculpting this statue. Look at the details in the legs. More pics…

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Mother Sells Newborn For Trip To Disney World

Posted by on Oct 6, 2011 in Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Family, Celebrity News | 4 comments

I told you times are hard! A mother, Bridget M. Wismer (33), has been arrested and charged with felony children dealing, after trying to sell her newborn son for $15,000 to a homosexual couple in order to take her other two children on a trip to Disney World. Yes, Disney World is that expensive. Apparently, it is illegal to sell your own children, and so now the baby is in foster care with no family. John F. Gavaghan (54) has also been arrested for trying to buy the baby. The two were caught after the grandma reported her daughter to the authorities, but later changed her story.

In statement on local news, Wismer is clearly upset and states over and a over that she did NOT do anything wrong: O_o

I couldn’t just let the baby go, and I couldn’t have an abortion, you know what I mean. And this was like the best thing that ever happened…I gave him to a friend who I knew would be in his life every day…I love my kid as much as anyone can love their kid. I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t do anything wrong! There was nothing that was hidden, everything was out in the open.

Bridget Wismer Mugshot Mother Sells Newborn For Trip To Disney World

Wismer is living with her mother, and the grandma refused to take  in another child, so Wismer claims she arranged custody with a close friend of hers, John F. Gavaghan. This whole thing is quite bizarre. I mean who sells a baby to go to Disney World. Maybe now, Disney will lower their prices. Video of this mess when you continue…

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Steve Jobs Dies At Age 56 To Cancer…R.I.P.

Posted by on Oct 5, 2011 in Celebrity Death, Celebrity News | 1 comment


Even though many of us don’t personally know Steve Jobs, he has changed most of our lives, and added a level of convenience and luxury to our lives. If you don’t have an ipad, iphone, ipod, or ibook, then I am not sure what century you’re living in, but certainly you at least know someone with a product made by Apple. It’s under the leadership of Steve Jobs, that Apple has become America’s number one company.

My heart and prayers go out to his family, and they don’t have to worry because his legacy will live on, and he has definitely etched out a spot in history.

Steve Jobs 1955 2011 RIP1 Steve Jobs Dies At Age 56 To Cancer...R.I.P.

Apple released a statement earlier today regarding the death of Jobs, read the statement when you continue…Jobs died tonight Wednesday, October 5th, from complications involving pancreatic cancer.

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