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Basketball Wives LA Super Trailer Released! Meet The New Cast…

Posted by on Feb 4, 2014 in Celebrity BFFs, Celebrity Cheating, Celebrity Cougars, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity Husbands, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Reality TV, Celebrity Wives | 2 comments

Let’s talk about racing to the bottom for a bit of fame. Ugh! I think Basketball Wives LA is trying to reach new lows, lower than even Bad Girls Club. One would hope that over time these women, some who are really wives, would mature and try to change their public image. However, Jackie Christie, the only grandmother on the show is leading these women straight to the abyss.

Starring in this mess we have the ring leader, grandma and wife, Jackie Christie, who wonders why her daughter hates her; Malaysia Pargo, who will address rumors of leaving her husband this season; Draya Michelle, who is reportedly dating the same man as Jackie’s daughter.

Basketball Wives LA New Cast Season 3 Basketball Wives LA Super Trailer Released! Meet The New Cast...

Then we have new comers Sundy Carter, who reportedly has a baby by a married athlete and is clearly being pimped by JackieBrandi Maxiell, a cancer survivor married to Detroit Pistons’ Jason Maxiell (maybe the only normal person on the show this season)…and then there’s

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Judge Saves Tearful Chris Brown From Jail; After District Attorney’s Push

Posted by on Feb 3, 2014 in Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Sightings | 1 comment

I have a soft spot for Chris Brown, and I don’t know why, it really isn’t logical. So does his lawyer, Mark Geragos, and Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin who just saved Chris Brown from jail.

Prosecutors from the District Attorney’s office, want Chris Brown in custody right now for probation violation extending from pending charges in the Washington D.C. misdemeanor assault case. Mark Geragos argues that Chris Brown looks better than he has in years, and that he’s tested negative while in rehab for the last two months.

Chris Brown is making more progress, according to his lawyer, while in rehab that he would in jail, and apparently the judge agrees.

Chris Brown Tearful Court Appearance Judge Saves Tearful Chris Brown From Jail; After District Attorneys Push

Although you can’t see it in the TMZ video (below), Chris Brown eyes are filled with tears (above), and he’s fighting back his emotions. Thank God…

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Tiny In Paradise Without Husband T.I. In Her Leopard Monokini

Posted by on Feb 3, 2014 in Celebrity Cheating, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Dads, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity Husbands, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Wives | Comments Off

Some say, where there’s smoke there’s fire. I don’t necessarily believe that, but Tiny and T.I. aren’t exactly acting like a happily married couple on Instagram, lately. While T.I. is in the strip clubs filming the strippers and posting them on Instagram (who does that?), his wife Tiny is somewhere in paradise with her girlfriends having fun in a her monokini

Tiny Leopard Monokini Enjoying Paradise Tiny In Paradise Without Husband T.I. In Her Leopard Monokini

Allegedly there’s another woman involved in this mess, and she has been identified! The jump-off reportedly has a name and a face. Also, find out what Basketball Wives LA’s Draya has to do, or not to do, with the situation via our friends at Tattle Tailzz.

Now some celebs claim they want people to stay out of their personal lives, but when they’re sending subliminal messages a la social media it makes it kind of hard to mind your own business.  More pics of Tiny in her leopard monokini showing all of the Kang’s cakes in paradise when you continue…

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T.I. Speaks On Split: Says He & Tiny Had A Stupid Fight, But Not Splitting

Posted by on Jan 28, 2014 in Celebrity Awards, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Divorce, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity Family, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity Husbands, Celebrity Moms, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Wives, Embarassing Moments, Grammys | 3 comments

T.I. is finally speaking out on rumors that he and his wife of three years, partners for 14, are splitting. It all started from a series of tweets that spilled onto twitter, a very public forum. Tweets that were obviously unkind for some married folks. For the first time Black Twitter wasn’t reading too much into the tweets; T.I and Tiny were really fighting.

T.I was wearing shades most of the Grammy weekend, but when he took off those shades behind the scenes at the Roc-Nation Pre-Grammy Brunch, he looked like he had a rough night…(like no sleep from arguing all night, and not a too much Hennessy kind of night.)

TI At Roc Nation PreGrammy Brunch T.I. Speaks On Split: Says He & Tiny Had A Stupid Fight, But Not Splitting

Then on Sunday night when he should have been at the Grammys; he was a no-show. T.I. was challenging his wife in a heated twitter exchange:

Dis da 1st day of da  rest of my life!!!! IG in da last 24hrs my life has changed!!!! No details necessary…. Just try to accept da change. Cuz it IS upon us. But if u CANT

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Kanye Reportedly Assaults 18 Year-Old For Racist Attack On Kim Kardashian

Posted by on Jan 13, 2014 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Pregnancy, Celebrity Sightings, Embarassing Moments | Comments Off

Celebrities are human beings, too!!! I know some of you are going to call Kanye West crazy once you hear about his day, and for the most part I will not disagree with you, but man I don’t know if my husband would have done anything differently. Maybe not assault the kid, but I can definitely see Mister G,  having a talk with the boy…with tightly clenched fists. So here’s what happened:

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Cheats On Amber Bush Kanye Reportedly Assaults 18 Year Old For Racist Attack On Kim Kardashian

Kanye West is in the hot seat, again, for allegedly attacking an 18 year old racist. Kim Kardashian found herself in an aggressive paparazzi swarm earlier today. A young man opened a door and assisted Kim away from the mean paps. However while assisting her, he also used the n-word to describe the paparazzi. Kim didn’t take to kindly to his words, and asked him not to use the n-word. Well after that…the opposite happened, and the young man turned his aggression on to Kimmy Cakes, calling her a “n–ger lover” and a ummm “sl-t”. I’m not really sure how the message got back to Kanye West but according to TMZ:

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Jim Brown Pulls Kobe Bryant’s Black Card

Posted by on Dec 15, 2013 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity News, Celebrity Sports | Comments Off

During an interview on The Arsenio Hall ShowNFL legend Jim Brown, in a very polite yet controversial statement, questions Kobe Bryant’s “blackness”; basically implying that Kobe Bryant grew up culturally different overseas than many of the black American athletes. Although I hate when other people challenge how one should act as a black person, as if there is only one way to be black, I kind of feel like Jim Brown may have a little point. Oh!

He’s somewhat confused about our culture. Because he was brought up in another country…If I had to invite people to that [black athlete] summit all over,” Brown said, referring to a summit held in the early 70s regarding Muhammed Ali’s refusal to fight in the Vietnam War, “there’d be some athletes I wouldn’t call. He’d be one of them {…via USA Today}

Jim Brown Arsenio Hall Talk Kobe Bryant Jim Brown Pulls Kobe Bryants Black Card

I think Jim Brown is certainly wrong for saying Kobe Bryant is culturally confused, however

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