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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Brawl…Fight Fight!!!

Posted by on Jul 17, 2014 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity Reality TV, Celebrity Tea, Posted by Ronda B | 4 comments

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion began filming this week in New York City.  The taping started off with all cast members being calm, civilized, and seated. Basically everyone was playing pretty for the cameras, but things quickly turned for the worst.  Things got heated when Benzino made allegations of Stevie J and Joseline being drug addicts. According to S2Smagazine.com, Stevie J got in Benzino’s face, but the two never resulted to violence.  On the other hand, the women of the show’s cast could not be contained. According to reports, Joseline entered the boxing ring first. Words were exchange with Joseline and Benzino’s new fiancée, Althea Heart. Apparently the conversation got heated, and Joseline struck Althea.

Love Hip Hop ATL Joseline Hernandez In NYC Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Brawl...Fight Fight!!!

Once that fight was broken up, Joseline then began to fight Tammy, Waka Flaka’s new bride. During that mini brawl, Bambi and Waka’s mother, Deb Atney supposedly jumped in it to help

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50 Cent Warns Floyd Mayweather Jr. “You Don’t Play With A Man’s Wife Like That” [VIDEO]

Posted by on Jul 3, 2014 in Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity News, Juicy Gossip, Posted by LeCresha H | 6 comments

When it comes to drama, 50 Cent is all over it posting funny videos to his Instagram discussing whatever it is he decides to talk about. Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent are good friends, so the rapper/actor decides to give Floyd some much needed advice, so no one gets hurt.

IMG 1590 50 Cent Warns Floyd Mayweather Jr. You Dont Play With A Mans Wife Like That [VIDEO]

During the BET Awards, Floyd tries to get Tiny‘s attention. Where he makes a BIG error is when he attempts to grab her arm after she totally ignores him after he calls her name. 50 Cent decides to put his friend on game about messing with another man’s woman — especially a man like T.I. 50 Cent posts a video on Instagram with the caption reading:

Floyd you better STOP,that is the man WIFE. LMAO this is gonna get out of control. MO took miss J not TI. #smsaudio.

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Nicki Minaj Takes To Twitter In Attempt To Cease Iggy Azalea Drama

Posted by on Jul 2, 2014 in Celebrity Apology, Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity Music, Posted by Michael | 2 comments

Tales of drama, shade and catfights are still dominating discussions days after Sunday’s high-rated BET Awards. A huge hit on Twitter, the awards inspired more than 11 million tweets yet no moment in the show garnered more attention on social media then Nicki Minaj and her now infamous acceptance speech after receiving the trophy for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist at Sunday’s show. One specific quote in the speech sparked the fire.While accepting the award Minaj declared, “…when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it. No shade.” Today Minaj took to Twitter in an attempt to extinguish the drama.

Many were reading the quote as a direct blow to fellow nominee and rapper Iggy Azalea. 

Ranting on Twitter today, Nicki eloquently set the record straight. Check out her tweets below:

nicki tweets Nicki Minaj Takes To Twitter In Attempt To Cease Iggy Azalea Drama

With all that said, any press is good press and rumor is we are days away from receiving a new Minaj album. Her tribute to Missy Elliot and Lauryn Hill seem incredibly genuine and her words to Iggy seem sincere. Hopefully this feud will die out soon so these ladies can get back to creating incredible rhymes.

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Towanda Has A Serious Breakdown In Braxton Family Values Season 4 Trailer…Oh My Goodness!!!

Posted by on Jun 13, 2014 in Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Family, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Reality TV | 3 comments

I’m with Tamar Braxton on this one, it’s time to end the show and stop filming because the Braxton sisters are growing apart, and things are just getting terribly close to violent. I didn’t like Towanda’s attitude last season, and I saw Tamar apologize and humble herself unto her sisters, but Towanda just kept carrying this grudge that looked a lot like jealousy. In one of the scenes in the trailer [below] Towanda has a serious break-down at the dinner table exclaiming, “No one f*ckin’ cares about me,” while smashing glasses in restaurant. Truth be told she was too close to cutting Ms. Evelyn with glass fragments. Bay-BEE that’s a no-NO.

Screen Shot 2014 06 13 at 5.54.00 PM Towanda Has A Serious Breakdown In Braxton Family Values Season 4 Trailer...Oh My Goodness!!!

Hopefully Mama E slapped the piss out of her for real. This definitely needs to be the last season, family is way more important than fame. Check out the trailer below:

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Tichina Arnold Forced To Defend Herself Against French Montana’s Childish Attack

Posted by on Jun 8, 2014 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos | 1 comment

French Montana decides to take shots at veteran actress Tichina Arnold, known for her role as Pam on the hit series Martin. French Montana posts this picture of Tichina taken on an airplane to Instagram with the caption, “I wish Martin could see this right. He would tear her *ss up.” Somehow word gets back to Tichina Arnold, and she proceeds to put French Montana in his place. This little rookie rapper must think his celebrity status has risen now that he’s hanging with a Kardashian, but Tichina Arnold kindly slaps him back into his place…and after she shades him, she asks him to write a $40,000 check where it counts.

You know Khloe Kardashian will have to write that check for him.

Tichina Arnold French Montana Beef Tichina Arnold Forced To Defend Herself Against French Montanas Childish Attack

Check out Tichina Arnold’s response below:

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T.I. Swings On Mayweather In Huge Fatburger Fight, But The Winner Is TINY…Ding Ding Ding!!!

Posted by on May 26, 2014 in Breaking News, Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Divorce, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity Husbands, Celebrity News, Celebrity Scandal, Celebrity Sightings, Celebrity Sports, Celebrity Wives | 2 comments

Can’t take off this Memorial Day morning because T.I., once again, is trying to go back to jail, and Floyd Mayweather, once again is being messy with someone’s girl, or should I say ex-girl. *shrugs* No one know what’s going on with Tiny and T.I., but here’s yet another public sign of trouble with the couple.

Rumors are circulating that the fight is over Tiny, considering the fact that Floyd Mayweather yells out, “Control you bish,” I’ll say that’s about right. Apparently this photo below of Tiny hanging with Floyd Mayweather’s daughter on Instagram set off the pint size rapper:

Screen Shot 2014 05 26 at 8.45.44 AM T.I. Swings On Mayweather In Huge Fatburger Fight, But The Winner Is TINY...Ding Ding Ding!!!

…And so T.I. tries to punch Floyd Mayweather, and the rest is TMZ history. Check out this insane fight video below. No bottle tossing here, they’re tossing chairs. What’s really wrong with T.I. these days, first the police with The Game, then Apollo Nida, and now this…

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