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Rihanna Finally Speaks Out On Good Morning America & 20/20

Posted by on Nov 2, 2009 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity News | Comments Off

Good Morning America: Thursday 7AM ET; 20/20 Friday Night 10PM ET

The headline says “Now For the Very First Time Rihanna Tells Her Story.” You have to read the tag lines carefully, it says Rihanna will tell “her” story and not “her side” of the story. What does that mean; that could mean anything. Not once did it say Rihanna will talk about that awful night with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. I am definitely going to watch just to see what she will say, but I have to tell you I have a “suspect” feeling, that this is more of an interview about her music career, and not about her “private” life.

We will all tune in, only to find out that legally due to the plea deal Rihanna is not allowed to discuss the merits of the case. Something also tells me that she will admit that she still has feelings for Chris Brown, and that the night of the assualt changed her and shaped her new album. That’s the PR spin in me talking….

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More Proof Alicia Keys Knew Swizz Beats Was Married To Mashonda

Posted by on Oct 30, 2009 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Exes | 17 comments

Sorry, Alicia Keys but your private life just keeps coming into my inbox and onto my twitter page. I have never defended Alicia Keys actions, but I did give her the benefit of the doubt. Now, YBF has exclusive pictures of Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats kissing back in January of 2008, which is quite strange considering rumors were flying around that the two were seen kissing at the Museum of Art in NYC before Mashonda and Swizz Beats split. I see why celebrities want to keep their private lives private. Click here to read more…

21dba6e8 More Proof Alicia Keys Knew Swizz Beats Was Married To Mashonda

[Source: YBF]

When I was single, I had the mindset that you can’t make a man cheat, and if a man cheats it has nothing to do with the mistress. Now that I am married, I now see that women are a lot more sneaky than perhaps I thought before, and that anyone that is knowingly dating a married man, needs to fall back, until the ink dries.

If a man really loves you, why is it so hard for him to get a divorce and be with you? Don’t let him blame it on the kids because the kids usually know what’s up. When has enough time passed before you begin to realize you’re being played just like his wife? I don’t know if the statistic is true, but only 3% of the married men who cheat on their wives actually marry their mistress? Those that marry their mistress have high divorce rates, and I wonder why.

mashonda4 More Proof Alicia Keys Knew Swizz Beats Was Married To Mashonda

[Photo Credit: Black Celebrity Kids]

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Chris Brown New Promo Pic; Rihanna New Promo Pic

Posted by on Oct 22, 2009 in Celebrity Album Release, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Exes | 4 comments


Chris Brown has been busy promoting himself and taking care of some damage control in preparation of his new album, Grafitti. I mus admit I did not like the song “Transform Ya” at first; it reminded me of Beyonce’s Upgrade You, but now I can’t get the song stuck out of my head.  Chris Brown just released another promo pic that shows him in a new mature light. Album available December 15, 2009...

chris brown promo pic Chris Brown New Promo Pic; Rihanna New Promo Pic

Rihanna has just released a song from her new album, Rated R, entitled Russian Roulette. The song is really dark and sombre, which is not a bad thing for people like me. Also, check out Rihanna’s promo pic from Rihanna Daily. Album in stores November 23rd

rihanna promo pic Chris Brown New Promo Pic; Rihanna New Promo Pic

I hope this doesn’t turn into publicity war to sell albums. They are both talented, and I want them to both have the opportunity to shine…

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Usher 911 Call To Police To Report Tameka Allege Outrage

Posted by on Oct 14, 2009 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Exes | 1 comment

RadarOnline has the 911 tape of Usher Raymond call to 911, reporting that Tameka Raymond keyed his car. The great thing about this tape is that we learn Usher’s home address and “office” number.

In case you haven’t heard, Usher claims Tameka was acting psycho one night calling his mama’s house, and banging on the door late night demanding her kids. The incident must have really frightened Usher and his mother, because they called 911 to report Tameka. The next day Usher SUV was “allegedly” keyed by the ex, Tamkea Raymond. Now I must inform you that the police found no evidence to support Usher’s claim. So either Tameka is really sneaky, or Usher is not telling the whole truth. So it’s a classic case of he said/she said, all played out in the media.

Anyway to get Usher’s address and phone or to listen to 911 call, click here…

usher tameka foster Usher 911 Call To Police To Report Tameka Allege Outrage

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Are We Sure Ray J Is “Not” The Father Of Danger’s Baby

Posted by on Oct 8, 2009 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity Kids | 3 comments

Monica Leon, best known by the code name “Danger” on the VH1 reality series, For the Love of Ray J, just had a baby shower. Let’s see, about nine months ago she claimed Ray-J was the father of her un-born child, and of course Ray J denied denied denied. But isn’t it strange for a guy to be at a baby shower when he’s not the father of the baby? Isn’t it even more strange when he’s the only guy in the picture? Move over Papa Knowles, I think another paternity suit is coming.

I received a tweet yesterday that made me laugh, and then it made me think. Is Ray-J a supportive friend, or is there more to this story:

walkerk23 @MrsGrapevine Ok, is danger carrying Ray Js kid or what…I saw the pics from her baby shower and it looked like he was the only guy there…

danger3 Are We Sure Ray J Is Not The Father Of Dangers Baby

danger baby shower 03 Are We Sure Ray J Is Not The Father Of Dangers Baby


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Cat Fight Reality: Lisa Raye Has Beef With Rocsi, Vivica Fox, & Star Jones

Posted by on Oct 8, 2009 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity News | 7 comments

allisa Cat Fight Reality: Lisa Raye Has Beef With Rocsi, Vivica Fox, & Star Jones Lisa Raye has been the subject of many rumors lately, and the strangest one is that she’s been chopping it up with Al Sharpton of all people. Now, Lisa Ray McCoy is back with a reality series in the works, and she’s putting former BFFs Vivica A Fox and Star Jones on blast. It doesn’t stop there, Rocsi of 106 & Park is a target for sleeping with Lisa Raye’s ex-husband while they were still married, and former cast mate Duane Martin is accused of providing Lisa’s ex- husband with a mistress in exchange for a business deal…

After Lisa’s divorce from Prime Minister Michael Misick of Turks & Caicos, Lisa Raye’s so called “friends” turned their backs on her, by supporting her ex-husband Misick:

First up is former “View” co-host Jones, who raised McCoy’s ire by supposedly supporting Misick after the divorce. “LisaRaye hosted Star at her home in the Turks & Caicos for three weeks when Star was going through her divorce from Al Reynolds,” says a source close to the TV One series. “When the tables turned and McCoy’s marriage ended, Star was helping LisaRaye’s husband.”

That allegedly included counseling Misick and even recommending her personal damage-control publicist to aid him during the messy split…

That’s not all former best friend Vivica A Fox has her share of wrath coming, as well:

McCoy says she was also double-crossed by former best friend Fox, who allegedly shared McCoy’s most intimate secrets with Misick. “LisaRaye hasn’t spoken to Vivica since,” said the source.

The list just goes on. Duane Martin & Rocsi will be getting some of the action, too:

The list doesn’t stop there – in fact, it gets worse. McCoy also counts “106 & Park” host Rosci as an enemy, accusing the BET star of having an illicit affair with Misick. Even McCoy’s former TV hubby on “All of Us” has fallen out of favor – McCoy claims actor Duane Martin rovided a mistress for her then-husband in an effort to do business on Turks & Caicos.


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