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Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party: Kelly Rowland, Alicia Keys, Toni Braxton, Ciara, Sanaa Lathan, Gabrielle Union

Posted by on Feb 12, 2012 in Celebrity Death, Celebrity Events, Celebrity Music, Celebrity News, Celebrity Party, Celebrity Red Carpet, Celebrity Sightings | Comments Off

Clive Davis’s Pre-Grammy party is usually a delightful evening showcasing the best talent in music. Last night many celebs were mourning the loss of an icon, Whitney Houston. Some chose to honor Ms Houston with smiles, and others with tears. Clive Davis opened the event with a moment of silence and these words:

Whitney was a beautiful person and a talent beyond compare. She graced this stage with her regal presence and gave so many memorable performances here over the years. Simply put, Whitney would have wanted the music to go on, and her family asked that we carry on.

Gabrielle Union was stunning on the red carpet, from head to toe. Kelly Rowland was visibly teary while rocking a beautiful blue sequin dress, looking like Diana Ross, Jr. Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose were clearly at the wrong event. Other celebs in attendance included Sanaa Lathan, Melanie Amaro (winner of X Factor), Ciara, and Toni Braxton, Serena Williams, and Alicia Keys.

More and more pics when you continue…

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Remembering Whitney Houston: What Are Your Favorite Songs, Movies, Or Memories???

Posted by on Feb 12, 2012 in Celebrity Death | 1 comment

Whitney Houston is gone, and it took me a while to feel the impact. My first reactions was about facts, how, what, when, and where! I just wanted information, and not just information but facts in real time. Then I was angry at Hollywood, and how the industry push celebs to the brink, and then they party like nothing didn’t just happened in that hotel. BUT then again, the show must go on for Whitney. After the details started coming, it finally hit me, and I became sad. My heart-ached for Cissy Houston, Bobby Brown, and most importantly Bobbi Kristina. Three of the people who knew Ms Houston best– through and through. Being my mom’s only child and losing her, I know how close you are to that parent, and how the dynamics of your relationship are different from traditional families. I know Bobbi Kristina was like Whitney’s mom sometimes, best friend always, confidante and protector of her secrets, smiles during lows, crutch during the peaks, and bed warmer during the lonely nights. I pray for her strength over the days to come because it doesn’t really hit you until all of the noise stops.

Whitney Houston White Swimsuit 1985 Remembering Whitney Houston: What Are Your Favorite Songs, Movies, Or Memories???

Then there is me. I know it’s not about me, it’s about the soundtrack of my life, and all of the memories created by Whitney Houston and her songs. As long as I can remember there has always been a Whitney Houston. There has always been a WH song for every occasion that life has brought my way. My favorite memory of Whitney Houston, is the picture above from her first album in 1985. I thought she was the finest thing!!! This was before Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks. I played that album over and over, and I definitely wasn’t old enough to really understand the lyrics, but I knew them…word for word from beginning to end. What’s your favorite Whitney Houston moment??? Here are a few of mine…

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OMG! Whitney Houston Is Dead; Dies At Age 48

Posted by on Feb 11, 2012 in Celebrity Death, Celebrity News | 18 comments

I just wrote a post saying that Whitney Houston needed help, and less than 48 hours after a wild night at Kelly Price’s Pre-Grammy party, singer Whitney Houston is dead. Just one night away from The 54th Grammy Award, and a few months away from the premiere of Sparkle, singer Whitney Houston dies.

The sad thing is no one knows how or where she was found dead as of now, but reports are coming in.  All we know is that according to breaking news, the singer is gone.

UPDATE: Latest – Whitney was found by her hairdresser in the bathtub underwater, her bodyguard removed her unconscious body and began CPR. According to TMZ, Xanax was discovered at the scene, and Whitney may have accidentally drowned from falling asleep in the tub under the influence of the prescription drug. An autopsy will be performed today, but results may not be released until after the toxicology reports are finished. Cause of death as of today, still under investigation.

UPDATE: 8:03 PM- Paramedics were called to the Beverly Hilton today when Houston was found unresponsive in her hotel room … sources tell TMZ.

We’re told police arrived to the scene within minutes and fire was already there on another call. According to our sources, paramedics performed CPR but it did not work and she was pronounced dead at 3:55 PM.

UPDATE: 7:41 PM- Ray J found the singer’s body in the hotel room, and is visibly upset according to CNN. Ray J says, “I’m tripping right now.”

UPDATE 7:40 PM- According to our sources, Houston died at the Beverly Hilton hotel. A police crime lab vehicle was seen outside the hotel just moments ago.

Keep A Child Alive Black Ball Charity Whitney Houston3 OMG! Whitney Houston Is Dead; Dies At Age 48


Soon as more information comes in we will update this post, but prior to this information Whitney Houston’s behavior was described as erratic.  RIP! You can see that she needed help, I just don’t understand Hollywood sometimes…They had to know she wasn’t healthy. Here’s what TMZ is reporting:

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Soul Train Creator Don Cornelius Dead At 75: Apparent Suicide

Posted by on Feb 1, 2012 in Celebrity Death, Celebrity News | Comments Off

Disturbing news on this first day of Black History Month from the TMZ Camp. Legendary Soul Train Creator Don Cornelius has been found dead early this morning by police. According to TMZ, the cops arrived to Don’s home around 4 AM and discovered his body.

Don Cornelius Soul Train Creator Don Cornelius Dead At 75: Apparent Suicide

Cornelius died from a gunshot wound to the head and officials believe the wound was self-inflicted.

We’re told Cornelius was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

If there’s one thing that TMZ is dependable about, it’s about celebrity deaths. Such sad news to hear.  This also comes as a disturbing closing to Don’s life, as he made some morbid statements about his life

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So Christina Aguilera Starts Bleeding On Stage At Etta James Funeral…

Posted by on Jan 29, 2012 in Celebrity Death, Celebrity Events, Celebrity News, Embarassing Moments | 10 comments

What could have been a perfect farewell to Ms Etta James, ended as one of the most embarrassing moments EVER for singer Christina Aguilera.  Honestly, I thought I would be here typing about a wardrobe malfunction because I was scared Christina’s boob would pop out of that dress in front of Jesus, but instead I am writing about the mystery fluid that resembled blood streaming down Christina’s leg while she performed At Last on stage during James’ funeral. I really don’t know if Christina Aguilera started bleeding on stage, SMH that would be every woman’s worst nightmare. Honestly, I believe Christina Aguilera was sweating and her spray on tan stained the sweat as it streamed down her legs, thus the reason she was wiping it off below.  You can’t wipe blood off your leg like that, can you? *shrugs* So I think the mystery is solved, at least I hope it’s stained sweat.

 So Christina Aguilera Starts Bleeding On Stage At Etta James Funeral...

No one knows exactly what that fluid is flowing down Christina’s legs, but any liquid falling out of a skirt, will not be perceived as a good thing in the age of the “intanets”. What do you think? Check out the pics when you continue…Whatever the mystery substance is, it almost ruined this beautiful tribute:

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Singer Etta James Dies; Dead At Age 73 (1938 -2012)

Posted by on Jan 20, 2012 in Celebrity Death, Celebrity Music, Celebrity News | 2 comments

Singer Etta James (nèe Jamesetta Hawkins; January 25 1938) has passed away at the age of 73 battling dementia and Hepatitis C, shortly before her 74th birthday. An extraordinary woman, James possessed a voice that is deeply soulful, or as she called it deeply, “blue”. Often imitated, and in my opinion, NEVER duplicated. So many singers have covered James’s signature song, At Last, but no other version can compare to Ms Etta’s version, including the original version first performed by Glenn Miller.  The original self-proclaimed bad girl of music, Etta James is quite  feisty, outspoken, vulgar, and not afraid of a little grit. James can get dirty with the best of them, and that is why her music is so raw and emotional.  She has overcome leukemia and battled a serious addiction to heroin. She leaves behind two musician sons, Donto and Sametto.

Today, in a new generation, many young people know Etta James as the woman portrayed by Beyonce in Cadillac Records, a movie about Chess Records where Etta James was first signed. True to form of speaking her mind, Etta James is also infamous for attacking President Obama and Beyonce. James didn’t appreciate Beyonce trying to steal her song during Obama’s inauguration, and she let both of them have it:

I can’t stand Beyonce…You know, YOUR President, the one with the big ears-he ain’t MY President–had that woman singing for him at his Inauguration. She’s going to get her ass whooped. How dare Beyonce sing MY song that I been singing forever.

Etta James Dies 73 Singer Etta James Dies; Dead At Age 73 (1938  2012)

I am a blues girl, as you know, and I love music that is soulful and emotionally deep. I just appreciate all of the music spawned (Adele, Amy Winehouse, Jill Scott, Ledisi) from such a wondrously flawed woman, Ms Etta James. Check out a few pictures of the singer in her heyday, when you continue…

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