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Nelson Mandela Memorial Interpreter Finally Admitted To Psychiatric Hospital

Posted by on Dec 19, 2013 in Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Humor, Celebrity News | 3 comments

I swear, this entire Nelson Mandela Memorial interpreter story has just been one big “Nah…really???” situation, one after the other.  From the shocking realization that Thamsanqa Jantjie wasn’t even using actual sign language to the latest reports that he has an extensive criminal past, it’s a wonder he was even able to be employed in the first place.  But now BBC News is reporting that Thamsanqa Jantjie was finally admitted to a psychiatric hospital.  Apparently his family believes that he is in danger of having a breakdown any moment now.

Nelson Mandela Memorial interpreter Thamsanqa Jantjie Nelson Mandela Memorial Interpreter Finally Admitted To Psychiatric Hospital

South Africa’s Deputy Disability Minister Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu has said the company which had employed him had “vanished”.

Mr Jantjie’s wife took him to a psychiatric hospital near Johannesburg for a check-up on Tuesday, and it was suggested that he be admitted immediately, Johannesburg’s The Star newspaper reports. 

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Side-Eye: DMX’s Car Allegedly Stolen By ‘Friend’

Posted by on Nov 21, 2013 in Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity News | 6 comments

I will say that it’s nice to write a story about DMX that doesn’t involve him going to jail or being charged with some crime.  But, I will say everything about this story has me giving him the strongest side-eye that I can muster up.  TMZ got their hands on a police report filed by DMX and his girlfriend Desiree Lindstrom.  They claim that their friend has stolen his car.

DMX at Power 105 Side Eye: DMXs Car Allegedly Stolen By Friend

DMX and his girlfriend – Desiree Lindstrom – told cops they gave the car and a duplicate title to a friend … who was going to sell it for them.  But the friend vanished into thin air some time earlier this month and never returned.

What’s more, according to the report, the friend changed his phone number … and DMX doesn’t know the guy’s last name … he only knows him as Lonny. Apparently DMX uses the term “friend” lightly.


This sounds like a crackhead story, I’m sorry.  How are you going to give someone who’s last name you don’t know, the title to your car?  And chances are if they didn’t know his last name, they probably didn’t have any other information about him, like an address or a phone number.  SMH  I need DMX to get some ‘act right’ in his life!


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Chris Brown Throws Rock At Mother’s Car; Judge Orders Brown BACK To Rehab!

Posted by on Nov 20, 2013 in Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Family, Celebrity News, Embarassing Moments | 6 comments

The judge presiding over Chris Brown’s probation case has ordered the troubled singer back to rehab. Chris Brown will go to a new court approved facility for 90 days for inpatient treatment, after learning that Brown threw a rock through his mother’s car smashing her window.

Earlier, TMZ reported that Chris Brown was asked to leave anger rehab because of his angry outburst. But actually his angry outburst was due to the fact that his mother along with the facility didn’t want him to leave, so he broke the rules by acting out violently. Sounds like Chris Brown was going to leave on his own accord one way or the other. Hopefully he enjoyed this little bit of freedom because the judge just gave him 90 days in real rehab and the district attorney has reserved the right to provoke his probation pending the outcome of his treatment.

Guess who’s standing by his side for better or worse, obviously not his mother, but his girlfriend Karrueche. I’m so glad he’s being forced into rehab, hopefully this time he will open up or risk jail. According to a letter written by his case manager from the rehab facility, Chris Brown is very guarded, and needs professional help! There is some good news, Chris Brown will get to leave rehab three times a week…to fulfill his 1,000 community service hours.

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Chris Brown Can’t Win…Kicked Out Of Anger Rehab For Being Angry!

Posted by on Nov 20, 2013 in Breaking News, Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity News | 4 comments

According to TMZ, the real reason Chris Brown left rehab early is because he was asked to leave due to angry outburst. I know I have a soft spot at times for Chris Brown and I’m not trying to defend his actions, but how can you kick someone out of anger management for being angry? Is it just me, but isn’t that the reason why he’s there? How are you going to fix the anger if you kick him out for being angry? I’m just saying, this poor boy can’t win for losing…

Chris Brown was booted from his rehab program earlier this month for throwing a rock through his mom’s car window. According to the report, Chris’ mom showed up for a family session and was urging her son to stay in the facility for extended treatment.  Apparently, Chris violently disagreed with her and in a fit of anger threw a rock through her car window, shattering it.

Chris Brown Court With Rihanna Mother Chris Brown Cant Win...Kicked Out Of Anger Rehab For Being Angry!

Chris Brown can’t even get the help he needs. He went in for anger management and came out with more charges against him. Now the D.A. wants to use the anger outburst in rehab against him, too, along with the other outbursts in D.C. and L.A. (Frank Ocean). Check out the details when you continue, something tells me if he goes to jail, they will kick him out of there, too because he’s a celebrity:

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George Zimmerman Claims Pregnant Girlfriend Went Crazy On Him

Posted by on Nov 19, 2013 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity News, Celebrity Pregnancy | 8 comments

george zimmerman mugshot 11 George Zimmerman Claims Pregnant Girlfriend Went Crazy On HimGeorgie is forever a victim! Let’s see: First it was the undercover cop’s fault he was assaulted by Georgie; then it was his ex-fiance’s fault she was assaulted; it was Trayvon Martin’s fault he was assaulted and killed; it was his soon-to-be ex-wife’s fault she and her family were threatened with assault; and now it’s his pregnant girlfriend’s fault, too.

If you haven’t heard, George Zimmerman was arrested for domestic violence during an altercation with his pregnant girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe (he’s not even divorced from his wife, Shellie, yet). Samantha accused the acquitted killer of breaking and smashing items in her home, pushing her out the door of her house, and pointing a long barrel shotgun in her face.

But to be fair, there are two sides to every story, so let’s listen to Georgie’s side where he reveals that everything is actually his crazy girlfriend’s fault, and he’s totally innocent yet again, and again, and again…and AGAIN!!! He called the 911 dispatcher while cops was outside the home, just to tell his side of the story, so that it will be leaked to us all. So here it goes:

P.S. – This isn’t the first act of violence between Zimmerman and his new girl, Samantha. During the arraignment,we learned that Georgie choked Sam during a prior domestic incident…I mean allegedly choked Sam. icon wink George Zimmerman Claims Pregnant Girlfriend Went Crazy On Him


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Chris Brown Out Of Rehab, Receiving Outpatient Treatment

Posted by on Nov 15, 2013 in Celebrity Charity, Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity News | 5 comments

It’s hard to defend a person who continues to do things that go against the changes they’ve said they’ve made.  That’s how I feel about Chris Brown.  While I feel he’s done his due diligence in the past by going to counseling, it seems that his continued anger issues are still a problem. After being arrested last month following an altercation, Chris Brown was ordered by the judge to check into a rehab program.  People is reporting that Chris is now out of the facility and will continue treatment via an outpatient program.

Chris Brown XXL Photo Shoot 2 Chris Brown Out Of Rehab, Receiving Outpatient Treatment

“Chris is continuing his rehab program as an outpatient and is also completing his community service in the Los Angeles area. He appreciates all of your encouragement and support,” the rep says. 

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