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Drake By Rihanna’s Side At MTV Movie Awards…Well Kind Of

Posted by on Apr 14, 2014 in Celebrity Awards, Celebrity BFFs, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Music, Celebrity News | 1 comment

Drake and Rihanna are getting closer and closer as Chris Brown sits in jail thinking about all of the chances he’s had to make it right by Rihanna. Poor ting *in my Rihanna accent*. Kind of sad that it takes Chris Brown going to rehab and jail for Rihanna to really move on, but it looks like she’s found love in the arms of Drake. I joke that Drake is winning by default, but their relationship is growing stronger and more public by the day.

I think these two are good together like everyone else, my only issue is that Rihanna is a loyal person, Drake, not so much. He’s sweet, but he’s still a womanizer. His body count is high. Hopefully having his dream girl will change things, and hopefully Chris Brown can give Rihanna his blessing and let her move on.

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Tiny, Karrueche, & Christina Milian Twerking Together?

Posted by on Mar 16, 2014 in Celebrity BFFs, Celebrity Health, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Sightings, Celebrity Sports, Videos | 1 comment

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, Christina Milan, and Karrueche are twerking their way into shape. Tiny is on the scene with these young ladies keeping it tight at LexTwerkOut in Hollywood while taking private twerk-out classes instructed by owner Lexi Panterra. This is a new and sexy way to workout. Don’t let the name fool you, although it’s fun, it’s a lot of hard work, too. Twerking has definitely gone mainstream…

Check out more photos of the girls below, then check out a video to see what LexTwerkOut is really all about:

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Video Caught Drake & Rihanna Holding Hands Like A Real COUPLE

Posted by on Mar 12, 2014 in Celebrity BFFs, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity News, Celebrity Sightings | 3 comments

The “just friends” duo have been traveling through Europe together, and now the two have been caught holding hands. I don’t know about the camera man and this footage, looks like someone was hiding out in the dumpster to get this shot, but it definitely shows us what Rihanna and Drake are doing behind the scenes when the paparazzi aren’t out front. Looks like they’re very comfortable with each other while holding hands.

Rihanna Drake Whats My Name Grammy Performance 2 Video Caught Drake & Rihanna Holding Hands Like A Real COUPLE

Rihanna is not broadcasting this love to Oprah, on Instagram, or via twitter…the pair are keeping things quiet and simple, but leave it to TMZ to catch them when their guards are down. Click the button below to see the affectionate “friends”.

Watch Rihanna & Drake Holding Hands

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Basketball Wives Separate Interviews On Arsenio – Battle Of The Cast Mates

Posted by on Mar 5, 2014 in Celebrity BFFs, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity News, Celebrity Reality TV | 3 comments

Sadly it has come to this, the cast of Basketball Wives LA is divided, which really isn’t news, but it’s gotten so bad that the ladies have to conduct separate interviews on Arsenio to avoid fighting. So Jackie Christie, Brittish, and Sundy have teamed up against Malaysia Pargo, Brandi, and Draya. Honestly, if you’re on Team Jackie then you need to reevaluate your life and take a real inventory because there’s nothing good coming from that team on this show.

Arsenio Hall: I had some other ladies here, and could have gotten another couch, or a longer couch, but it was recommended to me today that I do you all in separate quadrants. Is it that bad?

If you’ve seen the show this season, you already know the new girls, better yet Jackie’s puppets are starting the season off with nothing but classless drama. It is that bad Arsenio! Check out the first interview with Jackie and her minions, as they talk about Draya’s past as an “exotic dancer”.

And that’s a nice way to put it, as you watch the show this season you’ll see exactly what Draya does and where she came from.

Draya hasn’t denied ever being a dancer or making poor parenting choices, but in part two of the Arsenio interview she clearly explains:

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Naomi Campbell Rocks An “Afro” – Sporting A Natural Look With NeNe

Posted by on Mar 3, 2014 in Celebrity BFFs, Celebrity Events, Celebrity Fashion, Celebrity Hair, Celebrity Music, Celebrity News, Celebrity Party, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Reality TV | 5 comments

Naomi Campbell has been seen all over the place rocking a new do. Naomi is sporting an Afro wig, and it looks good on her, IMO. She has been making her rounds promoting the new season of The Face premiering March 5th on Oxygen.

Naomi Campbell and this new Afro unit have been seen on The View, The Graham Norton Show, and apparently Naomi has had some time to hang with NeNe Leakes, too.

Naomi Campbell In Afro NeNe Leakes Naomi Campbell Rocks An Afro   Sporting A Natural Look With NeNe

Ms. Campbell is kind of giving us Lauryn Hill from back in the day with this wig. There isn’t much Naomi can’t wear or pull it off. Check out more photos of Naomi Campbell, NeNe Leakes and the wig…

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Jada Tells Arsenio, Tupac Was First To See Her Beauty Separate From Sex

Posted by on Mar 3, 2014 in Celebrity BFFs, Celebrity Family, Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity News, TV Shows | 4 comments

Jada Pinkett-Smith sat down with Arsenio Hall for an interview, where she revisited her love for Tupac and why their relationship was deeper than most. Jada has often explained that her relationship with Tupac was complicated because they were more like family at times, and too passion for a relationship at other times, plus he played the roles of big brother and father figure early in her life. People always want the details in a sound byte, but I think it’s a love that can’t be categorized, and perhaps the most authentic kind of love there is.

Pac was probably one of the first male figures that I had in my life, that saw the beauty and the talent and my intelligence separated from sex. So, that’s something that a young child usually gets from their father. I didn’t have that. Pac was the first one, that it wasn’t about sex, it was about you [Jada]…you’re a beautiful woman, you’re talented you’re strong, I respect you, and you are my girl. You’re gone sit right here, and I’m a protect you. I’m a make sure if nothing else, you get what you need…and that’s what I relationship was like. We kind of did that for each other.

Jada Pinkett Smith Arsenio Hall Talks Tupac Love.jpg Jada Tells Arsenio, Tupac Was First To See Her Beauty Separate From Sex

Check out the rest of the interview when you continue…

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