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New Music Video: August Alisna ft. Fabolous “Get Ya Money” & August Goes Off On 106 & Park Host Keisha Chante & More. . .

Posted by on Apr 16, 2014 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity Music, Celebrity News, Celebrity NSFW, Music Releases, New Music | 2 comments

Now that his debut album Testimony is finally in stores, August Alsina has been all over promoting the album. One of the biggest stops on his promotional tour was New York City where he made a visit to both The Breakfast Club of Power 105.1 and 106 & Park. During his interview he spoke to DJ Envy and Angela Yee about his beef with Trey Songz and how he rather not deal with his attitude. He gets more personal and talks about the current relationship with his mother, how life has changed and the crazy fan interactions he has had. However, the highlight of his promotional run thus far happened when he made the visit to 106 & Park. Co-host Keisha Chante mentioned the Trey Songz situation and August simply replied:

I just told ya’ll not to ask me that sh*t when I got up in here.

Check out the clip below:

I can understand his frustrations because that’s been the number one question in his interviews and he is steady trying to promote his debut album and it seems like everyone is only trying to add more fuel to the fire.

Check out the “Get Ya Money” music video & Breakfast Club interview below. . .

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LH&H Benzino Shot By His Nephew During Mother’s Funeral

Posted by on Mar 30, 2014 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Family, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity News, Celebrity Reality TV | 10 comments

Raymond “Benzino” Scott a cast member of the popular reality show, Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, and former owner of The Source magazine, has been shot multiple times just south of Boston, MA while on his way to his mom’s funeral, by his nephew, Gai Scott. Talk about a dysfunctional family? On the day of Gai’s grandmother’s funeral, he decides to try and kill his Uncle Benzino, while he and his uncle are traveling to the church for the funeral. How can you hate a family member so much that you use a funeral as the most opportune time to try and commit murder…in broad day light with several witnesses?

Benzino Shot By Nephew At Mom Funeral LH&H Benzino Shot By His Nephew During Mothers Funeral

Needless to say his nephew, Gai Scott has been arrested and is facing assault charges with intent to murder. So he will be going to jail for a long time because “tensions” between him and his uncle have been escalating. Other than “escalating tensions”, there is no clear motive as to why their feud has lead to this moment. Luckily Benzino is in stable condition and recovering well from the wounds. The bullets pierced his arms and grazed his back. Check out the details according to MTV:

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Scandal’s Columbus Short In Bar Fight Over Rude Comments About His Wife

Posted by on Mar 26, 2014 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity Husbands, Celebrity News, Celebrity Scandal, Celebrity Wives | 8 comments

Earlier in March, Columbus Short of Scandal was involved in a bar fight at Gabe’s Bar & Grill LA after some negative comments were made about his wife, by another man. According to witnesses, Short punched the man in the face and continued to punch the man until he appeared dead. Short then fled the scene. Investigators are looking into criminal battery charges against the actor. I need Harrison to realize Scandal is just a script and Olivia Pope is not going to appear out of nowhere in a trench coat to fix this mess.

Death at a funeral columbus short Scandals Columbus Short In Bar Fight Over Rude Comments About His Wife

The back story is that Short and his wife, Tanee McCall-Short (also an actor), have been going through some marital issues. The couple filed for divorce back in September, but they’ve recently called off the divorce, and have decided to work things out. Although the man at the bar hasn’t been identified, we know from his comments that he had some connection to Short’s wife, Tanee. The two men got into a heated exchange, when the other guy said something to the effect:

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Matthew Knowles Claims Broke; Gets Child Support Payments Reduced!

Posted by on Mar 5, 2014 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Cheating, Celebrity Dads, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity Family, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity Husbands, Celebrity Kids, Celebrity Moms, Celebrity News, Celebrity Scandal | 5 comments

Good news for Matthew Knowles, not so good news for his son, Nixon, and terrible news for his baby-mama, Alexsandra Wright, who tried to take this private battle to the media; Matthew Knowles child support payments have been reduced.  Matthew says his income has gone down considerably since his famous daughter fired him as her manager, and thus he doesn’t have the income to pay Alexsandra Wright the $12,000 per month he was initially ordered to pay by the courts. According to TMZ, Knowles claims to only have made $127,000 last year as oppose to $3 Million two years prior.

The judge must not like Alexsandra Wright, or believes Matthew Knowles is really broke because his child support payments are reduced to $2,485– From $12,000 to $2,485 a month! Alexsandra Wright should consider moving to Texas, where the dollars will stretch a lot further.

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Video: Ray Rice Dragging Fiancee After Club Fight…Is She Drunk???

Posted by on Feb 19, 2014 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Dads, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Family, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity News, Celebrity Sports | 1 comment

Baltimore Ravens’ running back, Ray Rice was reportedly in a fight with his fiancee, Janay Palmer, while at Revel Casino, in Atlantic City the day after Valentine’s Day. The two were arrested for misconduct which also included domestic violence– just shortly after the hotel footage (below). In the video Rice can be seen dragging Janay out of the elevator. Janay seems unable to move until she’s out of the elevator. Honestly, to me she looks inebriated, but TMZ is describing Janay as being out cold, as in she was knocked out.

Either way this video doesn’t really help anyone’s case. At this moment Ray Rice is not speaking to the media about the situation, and according to his lawyer Ray Rice is waiting for his day in court, if it comes to that.

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Drake Writes Apology Letter To Rolling Stone; Yet Another Cash Money Apology

Posted by on Feb 15, 2014 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Music, Celebrity News, Celebrity Quotes | 1 comment

Drake is yet another member of Cash Money apologizing publicly for his freedom of expression. First, Lil Wayne apologizes for the controversial Medgar Evers lyrics, then Nicki Minaj apologizes for the Malcom X cover, and now Drake is apologizing to Rolling Stone magazine for calling them “evil”.

So Drake is upset that Rolling Stone magazine changed the cover he was promised, to feature actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who recently died after a heroin overdose. No shade against the actor, Drake attacks Rolling Stone magazine during a twitter rant eventually calling the press evil, and vowing not to do anymore magazine interviews.

Zoe Kravitz At Drake Concert 2 Drake Writes Apology Letter To Rolling Stone; Yet Another Cash Money Apology

And in 3…2….1…Drake walks back the tweet, deletes it, and writes a apology letter to Rolling Stone for his mantrum-twantrum.

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