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Drake By Rihanna’s Side At MTV Movie Awards…Well Kind Of

Posted by on Apr 14, 2014 in Celebrity Awards, Celebrity BFFs, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Music, Celebrity News | 1 comment

Drake and Rihanna are getting closer and closer as Chris Brown sits in jail thinking about all of the chances he’s had to make it right by Rihanna. Poor ting *in my Rihanna accent*. Kind of sad that it takes Chris Brown going to rehab and jail for Rihanna to really move on, but it looks like she’s found love in the arms of Drake. I joke that Drake is winning by default, but their relationship is growing stronger and more public by the day.

I think these two are good together like everyone else, my only issue is that Rihanna is a loyal person, Drake, not so much. He’s sweet, but he’s still a womanizer. His body count is high. Hopefully having his dream girl will change things, and hopefully Chris Brown can give Rihanna his blessing and let her move on.

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4-Year Old Mayhem Creates Oscar Paper Dresses For Ellen; Lupita Inspires Again

Posted by on Mar 5, 2014 in Celebrity Awards, Celebrity Fashion, Celebrity Kids, Celebrity Moms, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Red Carpet | 4 comments

Remember when we introduced you to 4-year old Mayhem, she and her mother, Angie, make these elaborate paper dresses drawing inspiration from fashion magazines and the red carpet. Well, it didn’t take long for the world to catch on, and little Mayhem has become a famous designer. Ellen DeGeneres contacted the mother along with several other media outlets to get the exclusive rights to showcase Mayhem’s designs inspired by the Oscars’ red carpet looks.

Check out the three looks we did for Mayhem’s dress exclusively on Ellen’s Blog. Why did we decide to share them with Ellen’s people? They were the only ones who didn’t pressure us about it – so it stayed FUN :) #fashionbymayhem

Mayhem Paper Dress Oscars Lupita Nyongo 4 Year Old Mayhem Creates Oscar Paper Dresses For Ellen; Lupita Inspires Again

Check out Mayhem’s paper dress replicas; once again Lupita Nyong’o is a muse, plus more designs inspired by Ellen and Jennifer Lawrence when you continue…

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Jared Leto Says Lupita Nyong’o Is “Too Classy” For Morning Walk Of Shame

Posted by on Mar 4, 2014 in Celebrity Awards, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Humor, Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos | 4 comments

Jared Leto made an appearance on Ellen to talk about his Oscar win for Best Supporting Actor in Dallas Buyers Club. During the interview Ellen cleverly tried to get the deets on Jared Leto’s relationship with Academy Award Winning Actress Lupita Nyong’o. Rumors have been circulating that two are an item, however Jared Leto did not disclose any details, nor did he deny the rumors.

Screen Shot 2014 03 04 at 8.54.28 AM Jared Leto Says Lupita Nyongo Is Too Classy For Morning Walk Of Shame

Ellen asked Jared about his “girlfriend” Lupita, but he didn’t take the bait, he just answered the question without acknowledging the word girlfriend. Then she asked did Lupita leave his house the next morning, insinuating that two partied the night away and went home together:

Ellen: So she [Lupita] walked out with you and paparazzi saw y’all this morning.

Jared Leto: Oh no, no, no, no, no…She’s far too classy for that!

LOL, Ellen tried it… Check out the interview when you continue. IJS, they would make a gorgeous couple, and their Oscars could date, too!

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Matthew McConaughey Only White Man To Thank God In Acceptance Speech?

Posted by on Mar 3, 2014 in Celebrity Awards, Celebrity Events, Celebrity Movie, Celebrity News, Celebrity Quotes, Movies | 1 comment

First off let me just say, I love me some Matthew Mcconaughey from the moment I first heard his name. Then to find out he plays the bongos naked while smoking weed, made me adore him even more. Then I find out he likes women of color, too. Woo! Sorry, I’m so off subject here. We’re suppose to be discussing this beautiful acceptance speech (below) from this FAHN man:

Last night Matthew Mcconaughey won an Oscar for Best Actor for his role in Dallas Buyers Club, a movie about AIDS patients in 1985 working around the US system to get access to AZT,  a drug banned by the FDA during US clinical trials, yet available across the border in Mexico for experimental treatment. Matthew specifically played a redneck, named Ron Woodroof, who was both racist and homophobic,

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Lupita Wins Oscar For Best Supporting Actress At The 86th Academy Awards

Posted by on Mar 3, 2014 in Celebrity Awards, Celebrity Fashion, Celebrity Hair, Celebrity Movie, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Quotes, Celebrity Red Carpet, Movies | Comments Off

I am sure you’re all around a water cooler somewhere discussing the big win last night. Lupita Nyong’o graciously added the title Academy Award Winner to her resume last night when she took home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. As soon as her name was called I felt my eyes watering, and of course when she started speaking I couldn’t hold back the tears. I don’t know what was so magical about the moment exactly, but it felt like the first time ever that a black woman has won the honor of Best Supporting Actress, although it’s not. Maybe it’s the way she graces the red carpet, and seeing another standard of beauty before my eyes. Or maybe it’s the fact that dreams really do come true, or as she said in her acceptance speech, that they are “valid”.

Lupita Nyong’o wins an Oscar for her first role straight out of Yale; that’s rare in and of itself. So maybe it’s because she looks like Cinderella and we’re all witnesses to her first dance at the ball:

When I look down at this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid. Thank you.

Lupita Nyongo Oscar Awards Winner Twirl.jpg Lupita Wins Oscar For Best Supporting Actress At The 86th Academy Awards

Check out the full speech when you continue reading, and let me know your thoughts on the win, and it felt surreal to you:

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Lupita Nyong’o Talks “Night-Shade Skin” At Essence Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon

Posted by on Mar 1, 2014 in Celebrity Awards, Celebrity Events, Celebrity Fashion, Celebrity News, Celebrity Quotes | 2 comments

Lupita Nyong’o entered the awards season with a splash. Due to the critically acclaim success of her first movie role as Patsy in 12 Years A Slave, Lupita is gracing the red carpet as Hollywood’s it girl; bringing a new sense of beauty to the forefront. Lupita Nyong’o is happily carrying the torch for women of color as she graciously explained in her acceptance speech after winning the Best Breakthrough Performance Award during the 7th Annual Essence Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon.

Moet Chandon Golden Globes Red Carpet Lupita Nyongo Lupita Nyongo Talks Night Shade Skin At Essence Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon

Lupita talks about learning to love the skin she’s in over time, after praying to God when she was younger to make her pale. Thankfully, God already knew she was beautiful in her “night-shade skin”. Check out the full speech below:

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