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Another Aaliyah Biopic Coming Soon

There will soon be another biopic of the late R & B singer Aaliyah in production.  This movie will not be showing up on your TV screens anytime soon; instead it will be headed to the big screen.

Aaliyah 2 Another Aaliyah Biopic Coming Soon

It also appears that this movie has the blessing of Aaliyah’s family behind it. R & B singer B. Simone has already been cast to play the songstress, and there are talks of Terrance Howard and Wood Harris joining the cast. The movie’s script is being written by author Zane, and it is said that Aaliyah’s family will have input regarding the script. The movie also has Barry Watkins, who was Aaliyah’s uncle and manager, as part of the project. The music in the film will be music Aaliyah recorded before her untimely death, but there will be music used that the singer never released. The movie is set to debut in late 2015. I wonder how the two movies will compare to each other.

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One Comment

  1. I think we need to focus on getting one biopic finished. There shouldn’t be a race. He life story wasn’t that interesting.

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