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Zendaya Coleman has a lot going for her. She has a hit television show, has made a respectably applaudable dent into the world of pop music, is a gifted dancer and is a rising name in the world of fashion. At the time, it most likely seemed like an amazing opportunity to land the role of Aaliyah in the much anticipated biopic yet the good news lasted shortly.  Soon after the news broke of Zendaya’s contribution to the film the disdain for the casting choices and the production of the film in general spread like wildfire. Online protests and campaign were funded and the hate was palpable. It was just announced that Zendaya has backed out of the project.


According to a rep for the Disney Channel actress, Coleman is “no longer involved in the project,” which Lifetime is set to produce and air. Furthermore, reports state productions for the film is entirely on hold.

Adding fuel to the fire Lifetime released a statement earlier today outlining their regret in Zendaya’s decision stating, “We are sad Zendaya will no longer portray Aaliyah.”

In the end, it seems like Ms. Coleman made the right decision. At 17, she has a million more opportunities to come her way.   The tipping point was most likely Aaliyah’s family who publicly shared their contempt of the casting choices and production. All eyes remain on Zendaya as we track her next move and see if this biopic will come to fruition.

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