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Wendy Williams is known for sharing her opinion on every topic under the sun, and no one is safe from her verbal wrath.  Recently she shared her thoughts about the future of Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Phaedra Parks and her marriage to Apollo Nida.  Earlier this week, Apollo was sentenced to serve 8 years in prison for conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire transfer.

Something should have made you, Apollo, want to do better. That takes some kind of smarts, Apollo. Why couldn’t you apply that to night school and get a trade? He had five years to go to trade school – learn to be a welder or something – to get his life together.

Wendy Williams Watch What Happens Live

Wendy expressed that she had no sympathy for Apollo and supports Phaedra’s decision not to be present in the courtroom during his sentencing. Wendy does not feel like Phaedra should stand by her man, or wait around until he is released from prison. Instead, she thinks that Phaedra should take this opportunity to make a clean break and run for the hills.  Wendy told her show audience, “Eight years is a long time. Somebody needs a divorce…” Wendy also conveyed that she felt Apollo had several opportunities to make money legally since he had notoriety from appearing on Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Do you agree with Wendy or do you think she should keep her feelings to herself?

Source: s2smagazine.com

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