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Tyler Perry Says, “No Thanks” To Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Star Karlie Redd

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Karlie Redd has been trying to break into the acting world, but it hasn’t been an easy task. The wannabe actress feels that being a part of a reality show is killing her chances at becoming a star. According to Karlie, Tyler Perry doesn’t want her in his movies because she is on reality TV.

karlie redd

In an interview with KYSDC.com, Karlie stated, “I went for a role for a Tyler Perry film, and they shot me down because I was on ‘Love and Hip Hop’…reality TV has been known to have a lot of drama, but like NeNe [Leakes] said, it also has been a blessing.”

I have two comments about Ms. Redd’s statement then I will let it go. The first comment…Is Karlie really going to say being on a reality show is the reason she can’t book an acting gig? Maybe the reason Ms. Redd is having trouble establishing herself as an actress is due to how she is portrayed on the reality show and not the show itself. I can’t imagine anyone being in a hurry to work with someone who is ready to fight and throw bottles every time the camera turns on. I’m sure Tyler Perry doesn’t want his expensive movie sets torn to shreds because his star actress doesn’t know how to use her words to solve her problems. My second comment…Why is Karlie quoting NeNe? Has NeNe become the reality show guru because she managed to land a role on a primetime show that was later cancelled? I guess NeNe has set the bar for other reality show stars trying to use their 15 minutes of fame to break into Hollywood.

Karlie went on to say, “There’s been roles that I auditioned for and then they found out…literally I’m on my way to set to work, got the role and everything and then they find out I’m on the show, and then they’re like, ‘Uh, No.’”

Hmm, okay, I guess we have to take her word on that one. Although, I find it hard to believe that was the sole reason her part got nixed, but I digress.  Tyler has yet to comment on Ms. Redd’s statements.

Source: S2S Magazine

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