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Terrence Howard Claims To Be Broke After Paying $325,000 In Spousal Support

Terrence Howard is barely surviving after his ex-wife, Michelle Ghent, is making him uphold his end of the bargain in their divorce settlement.

Howard Terrence Howard Claims To Be Broke After Paying $325,000 In Spousal Support

According to the settlement, Terrence must give Michelle a total of $325,000 in support to accommodate for their separation just one year after marrying. The commercial production employee wed the actor in January 2010, after several months of courtship. It was announced in February 2011, however, that the two were headed for divorce court.

Howard agreed to pay Ghent a substantial amount in spousal support at the time of their separation, but later told media that the amount he consented to give is too much. In fact, Terrence has said that much of his money from films go to his other ex-wife, Lori McCommas, who pretty much employs the actor since she cuts him a check for $6,000 every month.

Terrence has three children with McCommas, and was married to her for fourteen years before divorcing.

Source: TMZ 

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  1. Hate to hear about the money problems and Divorce. Hopefully you will make some more great Movies and Music to make ends meet. Stay strong and positive.

  2. I hate these stories! He’s had such a long career and should not have money issues, smh

  3. That’s not fair on him at all.

  4. i believe him and i hope maybe he can get some more roles to get his money up

  5. I met the first wife, pretty scary if she’s paying him, as she is dumb as all hell. My guess, he’s hiding the money.

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