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Nick Cannon Wants To Play Richard Pryor In Biopic…Pryor Family Disagrees

There have been several rumors soaring that Nick Cannon will be portraying Richard Pryor in an upcoming biopic. Nick has been adding fuel to the fire by throwing out hints that he is basically a shoe in for the role.  Lee Daniels is set to direct the Richard Pryor biopic, and Weinstein Company is fully backing the project.  They have named Eddie Murphy, Michael B. Jordan, and Marlon Wayans as choices to play Richard Pryor, and it has been reported that Marlon Wayans impressed the head honchos of Weinstein Company during his reading for the role.

GQ Gentlemen Ball Red Carpet Nick Cannon

Even though Nick Cannon has altered his appearance and has insinuated that he already had the leading role, the movie is not in production and no roles have been officially announced. Fans first started to notice Nick’s transformation when he appeared at this year’s BET Awards sporting a freshly blown out Afro and beard. After the show, he posted the following picture on his Instagram with the caption, “Now you get it.”

Nick Cannon Instagram

Nick later stated that he is taking up chain smoking to prepare for the role and apologized for smelling like an ashtray. In an interview with Extra’s correspondent, Mario Lopez, Nick made the following comments on the future biopic:

“There’s a phenomenal director, Lee Daniels, who did everything from ‘The Butler,’ to ‘Precious.’ He’s assigned to the project, and he’s supposed to direct… He’s a personal friend of mine, and I’ve had the opportunity to kind of read with him, talk about it, but in my mind I’m trying to be the best man for the role. There’s several other people who’d love to play this role, and I’m just saying may the best man get it.”

“I started growing my hair and doing the look and everything. Crazy, because the rumors started right away… ultimately man, it’s a dream project, who wouldn’t want to be part of that legendary story, that legendary comic? He changed the face of comedy, so I’d love the opportunity.”

Although Nick feels like he is the best man for the role, Richard Pryor’s children feel otherwise. RichardPryor Jr. and Rain Pryor prefer Marlon Wayans to play their father. They feel that Marlon could portray their father accurately and that Nick wouldn’t be seen as creditable. As of now, there is no word on when the movie will start production. So we will just have to wait and see who the best man for the job will be.

Source: theroot.com, theybf.com

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