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New Father Alert: Lance Gross Will Soon Be A Dad

The former House of Payne star, Lance Gross will soon be a father.  Lance made the announcement to his fans via Instagram by posting a risque picture of his girlfriend with the caption “God has gifted me.”  This will be the first child for Lance and his stylist girlfriend, Rebecca Jefferson.

Essence Music Festival Lance Gross 2 New Father Alert: Lance Gross Will Soon Be A Dad

The couple has been dating for 3 years, and there are unconfirmed rumors that they recently got engaged. Despite Lance’s very noticeable good looks, he insists that he is far from the “player” type. Gross told Essence, “I’m just Lance Gross. I’m a regular dude… I don’t like the numbers game. I’m not putting notches on my belt. I got one dope chick, and that’s all I need.”  With that response, Gross already sounds like he is going to be a great father.

Source: Essence.com

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