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Meek Mill Arrested For Probation Violation

Meek Mill has been arrested and may spend up to six months in jail. A Philadelphia judge ordered the rapper’s arrest after several recent incidents, including Mill sharing a photo of himself holding a gun with social media fans, caused prosecutors to become concerned.

Mill Meek Mill Arrested For Probation Violation

According to My Fox Philly,

“Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill is behind bars Friday night. Mill…will spend three to six months behind bars after violating his probation.”

Meek was seen supporting family and friends of children who were killed in a house fire in Southwest Philly a few days ago. Many blamed the fire department’s slow response for the children’s death telling media that rapid response could have saved some if not all of the kids’ lives.

The Northern Philadelphia rapper took a tour of the burned grounds and offered his support to the family. “I just wanted to come by and show my support to all of the families and everybody that was hurt by this situation,” said Meek. “I feel I’m in a position where I can help these people. Anything I can do to help them with their losses, I’m gonna do it.”

No further details surrounding Mill’s arrest have been released.

Source: My Fox Philly

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  1. finally i won’t have to hear his music anymore. ok, that was mean but hey — you do the crime, you do the time

    • @ maurice stfu im tired of all ya meek dick sucker Talkin shyt bout my son . Stop hatin & ya get ya bread up my son spit fire . To all ya Dick suckers ยก

  2. SMH, when will they learn, when will they learn? Social media is a trap if you’re not careful.

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