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The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion began filming this week in New York City.  The taping started off with all cast members being calm, civilized, and seated. Basically everyone was playing pretty for the cameras, but things quickly turned for the worst.  Things got heated when Benzino made allegations of Stevie J and Joseline being drug addicts. According to S2Smagazine.com, Stevie J got in Benzino’s face, but the two never resulted to violence.  On the other hand, the women of the show’s cast could not be contained. According to reports, Joseline entered the boxing ring first. Words were exchange with Joseline and Benzino’s new fiancée, Althea Heart. Apparently the conversation got heated, and Joseline struck Althea.

Love Hip Hop ATL Joseline Hernandez In NYC

Once that fight was broken up, Joseline then began to fight Tammy, Waka Flaka’s new bride. During that mini brawl, Bambi and Waka’s mother, Deb Atney supposedly jumped in it to help defend Tammy. That fight was eventually broken up and Joseline was escorted downstairs were she proceeded to fight fellow cast member Mimi Faust. I know that was a lot to keep up with, but I hope you’re still with me. Joseline must have had her Popeye’s spinach and her Wheaties that morning, or she was channeling her inner She-ra and thought she had “The Power Of Grayskull” (fellow 80’s babies will get that reference). No one knows what made Joseline fight the majority of her cast mates. Needless to say the police and paramedics were called, and it was reported that three-cast members received treatment. The filming of the reunion was stopped and will resume at a later date. I can’t wait to see this reunion.

Source: s2smagazine.com

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