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It’s safe to say Rihanna probably slept well last night, rather well. A load has been lifted off the singer’s shoulders as after a prolonged period of harassment Rihanna’s stalker has been arrested. The stalker, a homeless New York City man, previously made three trips to the front door of her Manhattan apartment.

Rihanna Takes Over Magic City Atlanta 5

The 53-year-old man, identified as Kevin McGlynn, reportedly turned up at Rih Rih’s multi-million dollar apartment twice on July 8 and again on July 11 to deliver threatening letters. Get this: Kevin was able to avoid security and the police on all three visits, yet  the NYPD found his name when he dropped his benefits card with his name and address on it. McGlynn has finally been arrrested on charges of stalking and harassment.

Additionally, the stalker posted a bevy of letters to Rihanna’s California residence.

All this madness perhaps is just all in a days work when ya shine bright like a diamond.

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