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Lamar Odom Trying To Pick Up The Pieces After Failed Marriage And ‘Knicks’ Firing

Lamar Odom is trying to pickup up the pieces from a failed marriage and troublesome career. The NBA player was recently released from the New York Knicks, and now a family friend has said he’s just trying to regroup and begin again.

Odom Lamar Odom Trying To Pick Up The Pieces After Failed Marriage And Knicks Firing

“This is truly not the way Lamar wanted to go out,” said the inside source. “Not at all. Not that he gives a f*** about what people think about him, but he doesn’t want his [alleged] addiction and his failed marriage to overshadow what he’s accomplished as a professional athlete in the NBA.”

Lamar has been spending additional time on the court since ex-wife Khloe Kardashian moved for divorce a few months back. “Basketball is a big part of my life, and I guess it’s all about legacy and the way I wanted to go out,” said the star athlete during an interview with TMZ Sports. “I haven’t played up to my expectations the last couple of seasons so I’m just trying to end it right.”

Odom is currently a free agent for the NBA.

Source: WebProNews

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One Comment

  1. I feel for him and I don’t feel for him. He had two kids with a woman and never once married her. Met Khloe and proposed in 30 days and married soon after.

    These Kardashian women destroy the men they are with. He didn’t come from a strong background, so he was never going to finsih well.

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