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Former Scandal Actor Arrested…Again!

Actor Columbus Short can’t seem to avoid scandal as early Saturday morning he found himself in trouble with the law yet again. Dallas police arrested Short around 2 a.m. Saturday for public intoxication at Katy Trail Ice House, a restaurant and beer garden in Texas.

IMG 0060 1  Former Scandal Actor Arrested...Again!

This arrest is proving to be just the ‘icing on the cake’ of a string or embarrassing and deplorable disputes with the law Columbus has spawned over the last year. If you recall, even Shonda Rhimes couldn’t find a way to save the actor as he was fired from her massively popular show, Scandal.

Back in April, Short’s wife accused him of trying to kill her with a knife. Tanee Short filed for both a restraining order, to keep him from her and their 2-year-old daughter, and for a divorce to end their nine-year marriage. Additionally, in March, the actor was arrested after being accused of punching a patron in a Los Angeles restaurant.

Short’s publicist declined comment Saturday evening. Here’s to hoping Columbus gets his act together asap!

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  1. Smh. I’m starting to wonder if Columbus has some legit mental issues. How do you go from normal to troubled in the span of a year. Something is not quite right.

  2. This brother needs god for real.

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