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Don Cheadle Gives Scoop On Upcoming Role In ‘Miles Ahead’

Don Cheadle is excited about his new role as Miles Davis in the upcoming biopic of the late singer. The actor tells Entertainment Weekly exclusively that portraying someone he listened to and admired as a child is the greatest.

Cheadle Don Cheadle Gives Scoop On Upcoming Role In Miles Ahead

“His music was definitely a part of my life very early on, thanks to my parents,” says the star. “I was fortunate when I was young to have music teachers in school that also introduced us to jazz in general. I was maybe 10, in fifth grade, when I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the sax at a school which had instruments because we couldn’t afford one. So I started playing sax, and was really a fan of Charlie Parker and Cannonball Adderly. And through Cannonball I found Miles.”

Don will portray the high and low moments of the musician who rocked the stage with his signature jheri-curled mullet. “I never thought about portraying him, really,” explains the actor. “In 2008, when Miles was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, his nephew was interviewed and was asked, ‘Would you ever do a movie on his life?’ He said yes, and that Don Cheadle is going to play him. And I was like ‘I am?’”

You can catch Don Cheadle portraying Miles Davis when Miles Ahead makes its debut in coming months.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Great pick

  2. This look like its gone be a good movie

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