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Daniel Gibson Claims Divorce Papers Are Fraud

Daniel Gibson and Keyshia Cole are having marital problems but the NBA star would never file for divorce. Gibson recently told media that his belief in God prevents him from throwing in the towel and simply giving up.


“She would have to do it,” said the tar. “I am a Christian. I believe in ’til death do us part.” While many Christians share this belief, few express their pure devotion after filing for divorce.

You read right! Daniel Gibson has allegedly filed for divorce from his wife. Keyshia Cole had pretty much planned to file but it appears that Gibson beat her to the punch by filing documents with the Los Angeles Superior Court a few days ago.

Or did he? This is where the story gets interesting as Daniel claims that he didn’t file for divorce. According to the NBA star, an impersonator filed court documents requesting his marriage to Keyshia be dissolved; Daniel had nothing to do with the process.

Gibson has promised to press charges against whomever decided that the time was right for him and Keyshia to legally call it quits. The Gibsons have one child together.

Source: TMZ

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