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Chris Paul Hopes To Pass Down Wisdom To Next Generation

He may be living the high life in the City of Angels now but Chris Paul vividly remembers his humble upbringing in North Carolina. The Los Angeles Clippers player tells media that the stories his parents told him about the civil rights movement have fueled his athletic career.


“It was the way my parents talked to my brother and me about the importance of who Dr. Martin Luther King was, and the manner in which we listened to and learned about the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, that allowed us both to know that we could not only dream but dream big,” says Chris. “I hope to be able to share stories about the civil rights leaders, together with what it was like to have the country elect the first African American president, with my children.”

Paul gives insight as to why he decided to create an endowment in honor of his late grandfather at his Alma mater. “My parents reinforced the importance of education to us,” explains the star. “That is why one of the first things I did when I joined the NBA was to create an endowment in my late grandfather’s name for two scholarships to Wake Forest University.”

He’s big on family, and big on education. What more can you ask of Chris Paul?

Source: CBS News

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