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Certain Members Of The Jackson Family Will Star In Reality Series

The Jackson bubble is no more. Alejandra and her children will star in their own reality series that is set to debut on Reelz network this Fall.

Jackson Certain Members Of The Jackson Family Will Star In Reality Series

Alejandra, who is the ex-wife of Jermaine Jackson, will show the events that took place after Michael Jackson passed away, which included her and her children’s departure from the family’s home in Encino. “We didn’t want it to happen that way,” says Alejandra’s daughter of their moving away. “We were very sheltered [at the family home in Encino]. There’s a lot of outside people coming in and out of our house. We had to watch what we said.” Alejandra’s son, Donte, adds, “Some of the politics came into play.”

Fans will get a glimpse of what Alejandra’s relationship with Jermaine is like in addition to learning more about her kids. “It’s a long story,” says Alejandra.

You can expect to see the Jackson family in their first reality show on November 18, 2014.

Source: Billboard

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  1. I will be watching

  2. I really don’t want to see any of the Jacksons unless its Janet Jackson doing reality television….

  3. this is going to be bat shit crazy…..will they highlight the shoepolish jermaine uses for his gumbi fade or nah?

    • flatline…@shoe polish

  4. Lol at what Twanna said. Seriously

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