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Arsenio Hall: ‘Hip Hop Gave Me A Career’

The abilities of Hip Hop are limitless. Arsenio Hall recently told media that rap helped him rise to the top.

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“I was talking to Russell one day, it kind of focused me,” said Arsenio of a conversation he had with Simmons decades ago. “He was telling me about this guy he knew, that he was working with, that was living with his grandmother. That’s how old this kid was, I think this kid might have been 19. The career was so young he called him James. After we continued talking about James I realized that him and Rick Rubin were working with a gentleman who professionally was gonna be called LL Cool J.” Arsenio put LL on his Fox show that was slated to run for 11 weeks, and the ratings soared.

A few weeks turned into a number of years as Hall managed to get his own show and build a name for himself as a television personality. “Basically, Hip Hop saved my life,” explained the star. “Hip Hop gave me a career. Sure there’s Bill Clinton and sure there’s all the actors and actresses that came along, but being able to put Will Smith on…and all those things. That brought a culture—and when I say culture I don’t mean Black, I mean the Hip Hop culture—it brought this whole new culture.”

It’s a wonder what Hip Hop can do!

Source: Hip Hop DX

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