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Apollo Nida’s Probation Terms Have Been Released

Once Apollo finishes his 8-year prison sentence, he will not exactly return to being a free citizen, and it won’t be life as usual. Apollo will have to be on probation for 5 years, and abide by some very strict rules. According to court documents, Nida will have to perform a 100 hours of community service, and cannot be associated with any convicted felons. Apollo will also be required to attend a drug and alcohol treatment program for at least 12 weeks, which he will have to pay for out of his own pocket or should I say Phaedra’s pocket.

Love Hip Hop ATL Phaedra Parks Apollo Apollo Nida’s Probation Terms Have Been Released

The fun doesn’t stop there; Apollo’s assets will be under pure scrutiny. Apollo will have to fully disclose all his assets and be prepared for random audits of his finances. While on probation, Nida will have to get permission from his probation officer if he wants to obtain any new lines of credit, loans, or credit cards.  Apollo will also be ordered to pay at least $150 per month in restitution, and any money he makes while in prison will go towards his restitution payments as well. Then for the grand finale, Apollo will be subjected to random searches of his property and home by officers. If Apollo and Phaedra are still together at that time, I can’t imagine she’ll be too thrilled about the possibility of her home being searched every time she opens the door. Phaedra might want to take Wendy William’s advice into consideration. Divorce might not be such a bad idea.


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  1. Seriously doubt she will stay but with two kids with him already, that’s a rock and a hard place

  2. **sucks teeth** She knew what she was getting into..now the consequences not so much. I am kind of surprised she would even subject herself to such a “man”. He may be easy on the eyes but he is pure danger. Although I am team twirl I hope she will land gracefully after this besides she is a mother first.

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