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50 Cent Warns Floyd Mayweather Jr. “You Don’t Play With A Man’s Wife Like That” [VIDEO]

When it comes to drama, 50 Cent is all over it posting funny videos to his Instagram discussing whatever it is he decides to talk about. Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent are good friends, so the rapper/actor decides to give Floyd some much needed advice, so no one gets hurt.

IMG 1590 50 Cent Warns Floyd Mayweather Jr. You Dont Play With A Mans Wife Like That [VIDEO]

During the BET Awards, Floyd tries to get Tiny‘s attention. Where he makes a BIG error is when he attempts to grab her arm after she totally ignores him after he calls her name. 50 Cent decides to put his friend on game about messing with another man’s woman — especially a man like T.I. 50 Cent posts a video on Instagram with the caption reading:

Floyd you better STOP,that is the man WIFE. LMAO this is gonna get out of control. MO took miss J not TI. #smsaudio.

50 Cent also warns Floyd that he could possibly get shot over the situation. Floyd is very bold trying to put his hands on Tiny not long after his fight with T.I..

Check ¬†out 50 Cent’s video below:


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  1. I’m curious to know how T.I. felt about this situation

  2. lmao

  3. they looked cute at the awards show — she needs to get it together though (Tiny). i hear she’s no angel either

  4. 50 is a big bully and needs a life

  5. Man this s$&t is funny as hell yo.

  6. 50 Cent can get involved in everyone else’s life, yet he doesn’t think that attending his own son’s graduation is important.

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