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Will LeBron James Jump Ship On The Miami ‘Heat’?

Will LeBron James be wearing a different colored jersey next year? Yes, according to Chandler Parsons who says the teams’ poor performance in this year’s playoff games may cause LeBron to bid farewell.


“I think if they would have won the championship it would have been a different story and they would have come back to do it again,” shares Parsons. “But he’s got so much responsibility. He’s obviously one of the best players if not the best player. I think them losing will make him make a move and opt out and you’ll see him in a different jersey next year.”

Now, Chandler may be an expert when it comes to playing basketball, but we’ve seen LeBron lose with the Heat and remain faithful to the team. In fact, the star athlete played for various teams in the NBA for a number of years before actually winning a championship.

But has his demeanor changed since then? Well, no.

“It’s basketball,” said James during a recent press conference. “I understand it’s the media and the sport is the greatest sport in the world. I love it. It’s done so many great things for me, but it’s just basketball. It’s just basketball.”

The Miami Heat will face off against the San Antonio Spurs for game five of the NBA championship series on Sunday (June 15).

Source: NBC Sports

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