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When Hip-Hop At The Pulpit Goes Too Far: Pastor Says, “These H*es Ain’t Loyal”

I’m all for reaching the people where they’re at, and adding some hip-hop into the mix to reach the Millennials, after all I grew up on hip-hop, -BUT- when I saw this clip of Pastor Jamal Bryant on my Facebook timeline, preaching from the pulpit and reciting the infamous chorus from Chris Brown’s hit, “These h*s aint’ loyal,” I think I may have passed out for a minute.

First off, he could’ve used the radio version of the song, and secondly, it just doesn’t take all of that to get God’s word across, IMHO. I think I’ve watched this clip a thousand times now, just looking at the audience and their reaction. While most people were praising to the most high God, there was this one woman in the front row (:21 second mark) that was like WTH, did he really just quote Chris Brown and Lil Wayne unedited version from the pulpit…Yes he did! Welp if nothing else, he will get a congregation full of men damaged by these “h*es”.

To be fair to Pastor Bryant, the context of the message is about finding a biblical woman who brings out the best in men to uplift Godly men. He’s warning men to stop running the streets with women who don’t have their best interest in mind spiritually. Men will regret chasing women who are not Godly, or in other words, these h*es are not loyal compared to a faithful biblical woman. To be fair he does talk about the men, too. So technically he spoke the truth, no?

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