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Terrell Owens’ Wife Sells Wedding Dress On Ebay

Terrell Owens’ marriage to Rachel Snider is over and the former athlete’s wife is selling her wedding dress on eBay. Snider put the gown up for auction a few days ago, and later told RadarOnline.com exclusively that she desires to move on.

Terrell Owens Terrell Owens Wife Sells Wedding Dress On Ebay

“I’m putting my wedding dress on eBay to sell,” said Snider. “I’m making the statement of moving on.”

Bidding for the gown started at $100. Rachel described the dress as simple and “perfect for curvy girls.” The NFL star’s former wife also told media,

“I would rather make an exit respected than to be laughed at as a fool.”

Snider refused to share any other information concerning her marriage to or divorce from Owens.

Terrell and Rachel wed earlier this year. The couple moved for separation last month after nearly six months of marriage. Terrell Owens is best known for his years spent with the NFL as a wide receiver. The athlete played for several teams during his fifteen years with the league. Rachel Snider is reportedly a postal worker by trade.

Source: RadarOnline.com

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  1. starting at 100?

  2. Ouch!. lol

  3. Oh damn, the bidding started at $100

  4. She married a man after knowing him two weeks. Why are we giving her dumbass any attention?

  5. Terrell has made such a mess of his life…

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