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Reports Reveal Michael Jace Called Family After Shooting Wife

Michael Jace called his father-in-law after shooting his wife last month, according to a 911 tape released on Thursday (June 5). The tape revealed the voice of April Jace’s father, who told the dispatcher that he was en route to pick up his grandchildren from Michael’s house.


“My son-in-law called me and texted me, and said come get the kids because he shot April, our daughter,” said the voice on the tape. “We’re on the 405 (freeway) headed there now from Long Beach. We’re a ways out yet,” the caller added. “Godspeed, please.”

April’s brother, Carl Luane, further explained that the kids are with family while their father stands trial for murder.

“We’re tight. The kids know grandma really super well. They’re with blood family — relatives with children who have known the boys since they were children. They’re loved and just playing like little kids.”

Luane also shared his feelings about Michael with the press telling them, “He shot her. She’s dead. I want him punished to the full extent of the law.”

Michael Jace confessed to murdering his wife of ten years after a domestic violence incident ensued at the actor’s home in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Los Angeles on May 21, 2014. April was the mother of her and Michael’s two children.

Source: NY Daily News

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