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Michael Jordan Officially Joins The Billionaire Boys Club!

Basketball legend Michael Jordan has always had game and with that financial success but with one small action Jordan has become a billionaire.


According to Forbes, the NBA great reached the astronomical figure by increasing his ownership stake in his basketball team, the Charlotte Hornets, from 80% to 89.5 %. The math breaks down to something like this: Michael’s worth is said to be around $600 million, plus owning 89.5% of the Hornets put Jordan’s equity in the team at nearly $416 million, combine the two and you have over a billion. Not too shabby!

In what may come as a surprise, Jordan is not the first athlete to become a billionaire. In 2009, Forbes reported golfer Tiger Woods achieved the honor at just 33 years of age.

Congratulations to Michael. It’s more proof that hard work really pays off!

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