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Mariah Carey Continues To Sing The Blues; Second Week Sales Drop

Did you hear that? That’s the sound of Mariah Carey screaming, “SOS!”.

mariah carey women Mariah Carey Continues To Sing The Blues; Second Week Sales Drop

It seems as though things have gone from bad to worse for the chanteuse as the sales of her new album have hit abysmal lows at retail sotred in the second week of its release. Following the embarrassing record low first week sales of Mariah Carey‘s new album ‘Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse’ last week, the fate of the album is all but sealed after reviewing this week’s numbers.

Billboard reports the album is set to sell less than 15,000 copies in its second week on sale – representing anywhere from a 70%-80% drop from its already disastrous 58k opening.

The album has been plagued from the start. “Chanteuse” was tentatively earmarked for a release in March 2013, but was then pushed to July 23, then to May 6, 2014 and finally May 27. A handful of singles were released with little to no promotions and welcomes by fans with rather mediocre fanfare. It must also be noted that this is her first project following her ill received time as an American Idol judge. 

Here’s to hoping the diva has something planned to resurrect the album and her struggling career.


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  1. Sad part is that the album is actually good! She just hasn
    t been able to get that hit single!

  2. Me. I Am Mariah……The Elusive Chanteuse is an awesome record. It is one of Mariah’s best efforts. Great songs, awesome vocals, just great singing and music on this album. Can’t imagine why it’s not parked at number one. It really is that good. If you’ve ever been a Mariah fan, you’ll love this CD. I’ve been playing it almost nonstop since its release. I played a few songs for my 13 year old niece the other day. Didn’t tell her who it was. She knows who Mariah is but doesn’t know her music. She said, “Whoever that is, she has a great voice”. That’s when I revealed who it was. She was impressed and really liked the 3 or 4 songs I played for her.

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