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LeBron Gets Leg Cramps In Game 1, Starts New NBA Finals Meme

The big story that came from last night’s Game 1 of the NBA Finals, where the Spurs beat the Heat 110-95, was LeBron James sitting on the bench for a large chunk of the final half of the Fourth Quarter due to leg cramps from the heat that was baking San Antonio’s AT&T Center as a result of a broken air conditioner.

LeBron James King Win No Worries LeBron Gets Leg Cramps In Game 1, Starts New NBA Finals Meme

He told a pool reporter after the game that he wanted to come back after the second cramping episode happened with a little over 3 minutes left in the game. But “Spo (Coach Erik Spoelstra) said ‘No.’” Which makes sense because why the hell would you want to bring your best player back in the game when the arena is about as hot as the Sahara. More like…why is the name of the team The Heat, if their best player can’t stay in the kitchen. 

But as is to be expected when the biggest player in the NBA goes down for a non-ligament snapping injury, the reaction all over the internet ranged from a little funny to brutal. Sports drink companies Gatorade and Powerade had a little beef on twitter about the effectiveness of their drinks. There was even a meme that popped up (mostly from Spurs rubbing the proverbial salt in the wound) as a result of the injury called “LeBroning:

LeBroning LeBron Gets Leg Cramps In Game 1, Starts New NBA Finals Meme

The fitting thing here is, like all memes, this whole story will probably fade away by Game 2 Sunday night. What will remain is the fact that the Spurs have a pretty deadly “Goodbye” switch in the form of Danny Green launching 3-balls and Tim Duncan…pretty much doing what Tim Duncan has done since the late ’90s. If Miami can’t match it in Game 2, this could turn into a shorter series than many of us thought.

Source: Bleacher Report


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  1. I been ROTFLMAO because they are going in on Lebron smh

    • These memes are so funny, and these tweets.

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