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Kelly Rowland Calls Beyonce & Solange Her Soul Mate, Along With Michelle, Angie, & LaLa

Kelly Rowland has a big heart, a kind heart, and during a recent interview with Hello Beautiful, she talks about her relationship with husband, Tim Witherspoon, and the boundaries of love, especially when dealing with friends who are of the opposite sex. When asked about following her man on social media, Kelly Rowland explains:

I guess it’s a personal preference. I follow mine. There’s nothing to hide. I feel like when you’re open and honest in a relationship, you have nothing to hide. Why wouldn’t you? It’s your friend. You follow everybody else. you follow people who take too many darn selfies. I don’t like to follow those people either.

Beyonce Mother My Clique Photo Kelly Rowland Calls Beyonce & Solange Her Soul Mate, Along With Michelle, Angie, & LaLa

But, the thing that stands out the most during the interview, is her take on the word soul mate. She doesn’t name her husband, but she does name a few other people she call soulmates.

I believe in soulmates. I believe soulmates are not just in relationships, but they’re in friendships. I have soulmates through Beyonce and Michelle and Angie and Solange and LaLa. I have soulmates. I’m so thankful for that too because I think they understand you. If there’s something on my heart or my mind, before I can even pick up the phone, one of them is calling me saying, “What are you doing? Are you ok?” We’re connected and I think that’s such a beautiful thing. It’s the greatest gift you can have.




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  1. aww now that is what we call a group hug moment. lol

  2. Cousin Angie looks so slim here.

  3. Mention soulmates but not one time mentioned her new husband, that speaks volumes.

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