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Derek Fisher New Knicks Coach?

Same story, different result? That’s what I imagine the New York Knicks are thinking right now if, as the unnamed NBA coaching sources are saying to ESPN, they are ramping up their pursuit to for OKC Thunder backup guard Derek Fisher to be the next head coach. The only two things standing in the way of this inevitability, according to the ESPN report, is the fear on the Knicks side that this could degenerate into another Steve Kerr situation, or there’s also the fact that Fisher could forgo retirement and try to play another year.

Derek Fisher To Coach Knicks Derek Fisher New Knicks Coach?

Yes, he’s 39. Yes, he only averaged a little over 5 points a game for the OKC Thunder this past season. But it’s not that big of a leap to think there’s a GM who may want to use him as some veteran depth next season. Given the choice between a chance at another ring or going to the bench in the white-hot crucible that is Manhattan and the Knicks, even with Phil Jackson as a mentor, I’d go for the bench role.

We’ll see soon whether this is the merciful end to the long soap opera that is the Knicks’ coaching vacancy. Then we’ll likely get the next soap opera to come down the pipeline: will Carmelo Anthony stay in New York? And that one isn’t gonna be solved in the course of a week. Or a year for that matter.

Source: ESPN

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  1. he would be a great coach, but knicks need a new coach, great team and a major prayer

  2. A great business deal that made with Derek

  3. This is a good look for sure, he is a great person to take over that job.

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