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The BET Awards Performance Lineup Unveiled!

bet awards 2014 The BET Awards Performance Lineup Unveiled!

Let the countdown begin! On June 29 the BET Awards return to Los Angeles and promise to pack quite a memorable punch this year. This morning BET unleashed the first set of performers that would grace that stage this year, following memorable performances from last years gala from the likes of Ciara, Kendrick Lamar, and Chris Brown.

This year, viewers can expect to see live showings from the titans who have dominated the airwaves over the past year. Unveiled this morning, the network promises live performances from Pharrell Williams, Usher, Drake and Lil Wayne. Still, the only female performer announced is Jennifer Hudson who will most definitely bring the vocals! Viewers can also expect BET to collect a bevy of talent to honor Lionel Richie, who will be honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Anticipation began escalating a few weeks when it was announced Chris Rock would be the host of this years festivities.

With these power players set in motion this years show might just be a must watch!

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  1. I hope Jay Z and Beyonce show up and perform, that would be epic…But they’ll probably be too busy on tour.

  2. This show is going to be dope as hell yo, Chris Brown is going to kill it.

    • ^^^Chris Rock.

      Although, now that Chris Brown is free perhaps he will join Lil Wayne as a surprise guest.

  3. BET Awards aren’t the BET Awards without the Knowles-Carters!

  4. Looks pretty dope

  5. I wish Ciara would perform this year again.
    If she could get in shape by next month then YEAHH she could kill it lol.
    She’s got an album coming out at the end of the year too so, she better do her thing.

    • Let me think about that one. I love to see Ciara dance, I just haven’t really liked her songs since Goodies.

  6. looks good. cant wait

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