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(UPDATE) Asian-American Documentary ‘Bad Rap’ Reaches Indiegogo Goal!!!

You might remember a post I wrote this past weekend highlighting the Indiegogo campaign for an indie movie from first-time director Salima Koroma and producer Jaeki Cho called Bad Rap about the presence (or lack thereof) of Asian Americans in mainstream hip hop. When last that I wrote about the documentary, Bad Rap was still about $4,200 and some change from reaching its $25,000 goal.

Screen Shot 2014 06 12 at 2.46.31 PM (UPDATE) Asian American Documentary Bad Rap Reaches Indiegogo Goal!!!

Well, guess what? As of today, with a little more than half a day till the campaign officially ends, they have reached that level. Comfortably reached it, if I may say so ($8,038 over to be exact). GOOOAAAALLLLL!!!! Sorry, I had to do it. With the World Cup starting in Brazil today, it felt like a joke that needed to be made.

Anyway, congrats to Ms. Koroma and Mr. Cho on the accomplishment. Here’s hoping the money goes to bringing Bad Rap to as many eyes and movie theater screens as can be done.  Just in case you need a refresher as to what the movie’s about, here’s the trailer to the documentary. And give money to the Indiegogo if you can and while you can.

Source: Indiegogo

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  1. That’s cool that they raised their goal

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