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B. Smith Reveals Her Fight With Alzheimer’s Disease

Tweets of prayer and support go out to B. Smith today, as the restauranteur recently gave the shocking revelation of her battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

B Smith

The former model and current entrepreneur was conducting an interview with CBS when she shared her inability to recall the date, month, or year that she was in. “Things like that make me very sad,” said the celebrity. Smith was still optimistic telling media,

“I think the future’s going to be fine. I’m going to do my best to make it work out for me, and for as many people that I can possibly help, too.”

Alzheimer’s disease affects millions of Americans every year. Although it is often viewed as being a disease of the elderly, research shows that five percent of Alzheimer’s patients develop symptoms before age 65.

Several celebrities have given their love and support to Smith by way of social media. Hezekiah Walker was one of them tweeting, “Let’s keep restauranteur, entrepreneur & former model B. Smith in our prayers. She’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s” shortly after hearing of B’s battle.

B. Smith began her rise to prominence as a restauranteur in 1986, when her first restaurant opened on the East Cost. She was one of the first African American models featured the cover of Mademoiselle, and will celebrate her 65th birthday on August 24, 2014.

Source: CBS News

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