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UPDATED VIDEO!! Say What?: Jay Z Attacked By Solange In Elevator After MET Gala

UPDATE: The FULL video is now posted below. Jay and Solange get into it for a good 3 and a half minutes. You’ll notice that Bey DOES say some words to Jay. The plot thickens!!

You know, it’s hard to mess with all of the connections that TMZ has, when TMZ is on the job. Yeah, sometimes they post rumors and run with it, but when they have video…SMH. TMZ just posted a video surveillance of Beyoncé , Jay Z and Solange, plus a bodyguard (probably Julius) entering an elevator as they were leaving the MET Gala.  I know know WHAT Jay did or said to Solange but that Dirty South comes RIGHT out of her and she starts swinging and kicking him!

MET Gala 2014 Solange Knowles Phillip Lim Red Carpet UPDATED VIDEO!! Say What?: Jay Z Attacked By Solange In Elevator After MET Gala

Beyoncé  remains calm and stands in the background, letting the two work it out and making sure her dress doesn’t get ripped. At one point, it seems that she just barely misses getting hit by Solange‘s Gold clutch.  I don’t know WHAT the heck happened here but woo woo woo.  Check out the video: 


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  1. I have no idea what’s going on between them, but I’m very curious in knowing.

  2. Wow! I don’t know what happened but I’m sure that whatever happened she went about expressing herself the wrong way. She should have told his Wife her sister the problem and allowed her to speak with him. Its not cool to disrespect her sisters husband in that way and Beyonce should have called her down a little more that what is seemly happening ????????

  3. The best gossip is when you don’t have the full story. Solange will be checking into rehab (whether she needs it or not) in 3, 2, . . .

  4. haha this is funny i do not care what the reports say about solange having adhd her ass knew when to stop she beat his ass i am so glad jay never hit her back

  5. This video is everything…Solange ain’t playing when it comes to her family.

  6. this is just crazy and sad too.

  7. This was by far the best elevator footage I’ve ever seen. Solange went ham, turkey, beef, pork…lol

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