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V. Stiviano Talks To Barbara Walters & Defends Donald Sterling; Claims She’s His “Personal Assistant”

Barbara Walters sits down with V Stiviano to discuss this crazy scandal, brought on by tapes that V Stiviano allegedly leaked to TMZ exposing Donald Sterling, the billionaire owner of the L.A.Clipper, as a racist. In the interview she reveals that Donald Sterling is hurt by the scandal and perhaps may not understand the words that come out of his mouth. She defends him by saying he grew up in a different generation where black and whites were segregated (I’m sitting here thinking he also grew up after the civil rights movement when blacks and white weren’t segregated).

Screen Shot 2014 05 03 at 7.21.02 PM V. Stiviano Talks To Barbara Walters & Defends Donald Sterling; Claims Shes His Personal Assistant

When Barbara Walters asks V. Stiviano the nature of her relationship with Donald Sterling she gives a strange answer, basically to me it sounds like she’s calling him her Sugar Daddy, but I’ll let you draw your own conclusion:

I’m Mr Sterling’s right hand arm– man. I Mr. Sterling’s everything. I’m his confidante, his best friend, his silly rabbit…That’s what I call myself. I joke around and I make him laugh. I do things that some people find very silly, or I do things that sometimes people can’t really understand our relationship. I’m his everything. 0_0


Our relationship started off me working for Mr. Sterling’s non-profit organization…and it’s evolved to something much more, on a level which has become a big scandal.


When Barbara Walters asks if she’s in love with Mr. Sterling, V. Stiviano explains:

I love him. No I’m not in love..I love him like a father figure. I love him like [long pause with a grin] just like a father figure.

She also reveals that Sterling pays her off the books. Check out the interview below:

ABC US News | ABC Business News


Is it me or she is dropping subliminal messages: “Strong arm” – (is she a man man); “paid off the books” – (is she an ummmm an escort or paid illegally); “silly rabbit” (what kind of fetish name calling is that)?


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  1. Donald Sterling should have kept the racist comments to himself.

  2. This interview was weird something is definitely off with V Stiviano

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