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Pic Of Willow Smith In Bed With 20-Year Old Actor Goes Viral; What’s Wrong With This Pic?

Willow Smith is featured in a photo that some are calling way too provocative for a 13 year old girl. In the photo below Willow, the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, is seen fully clothed lying in bed with 20 year old actor Moises Arias. The two are not touching, yet the photo seems very suggestive to many or just plain inappropriate to the rest. A photography friend of Willow took the picture during the Coachella music festival, and that’s the only context we really have for the photo.

Willow Smith Moises Arias In Bed Together

I can’t say whether or not I find the photo offensive because I don’t know the story behind it; I don’t know the context. I don’t know why or how this picture came about, however looking at the picture I do have questions. Where are Willow’s parents, why is she hanging with 20 year old men? I understand being mature for your age, but this just seems like too much. Where is the line drawn between open parenting and just plain neglect? Just maybe, Jada is in the background somewhere, and we just don’t know it? I don’t care how mature a girl is, that doesn’t stop her from being vulnerable to rape no matter how much of her body she owns. Until these questions are answered it’s hard for me to say what I think.

Perhaps with all the outrage, it really is just a simple photo and nothing more. Just maybe people are projecting their fears and perversions onto an innocent moment. I really don’t know!

Willow Smith Moises Arias In Bed

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