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Photos Of The Dream’s Baby-Mama Show Bruises & Scratches; The Dream Says He’s Not Guilty Of Beating Lydia Nam While Pregnant…

The Dream (Terius Youngdell Nash) is under investigation for domestic abuse. His baby-mama, Lydia Nam, claims the singer/producer choked, punched, and dragged her by the hair while pregnant in a fit of rage back in April of 2013. Because she waited so long to file charges many people feel like she’s lying to avoid being deported to Canada on an expired visa, or at least that’s what The Dream is arguing. The Dream claims he’s never laid a hand on her, but after these pics surfaced today, it may not have been The Dream, but someone definitely did a number on Lydia Nam while she was seven months pregnant.

The Dream Assault Baby Mama Lydia Nam Bruises

The photos are from a few months back, just a day after she claims she was assaulted by The Dream. You can see scratches and choke marks, bruises on the arms and legs, along with scratches across the face. According to Lydia Nam, the reason she did not come forward sooner is because she was terrified of The Dream. Now I know some women will go to extremes, but her photos line up with her statement. I definitely can’t see a seven month old pregnant woman putting herself in danger like this just to set up a man months later. Check out her account below:

A criminal complaint alleges that Dream ‘punched and kicked’ his former girlfriend at New York’s Plaza Hotel in April 2012 and threatened to kill her ‘like O.J. Simpson killed Nicole Brown’.


The producer is also alleged to have ‘dragged Lydia by her hair, twisted her necklace around her neck, kicked and punched her in the head, grabbed her by the neck, pinned her to the wall and choked her.’ {Source}


Sources for Nam allegedly told the website that Dream has a history of domestically abusing her. TMZ reports that while she waited seven months until after the alleged incident to report it, the reason was because she was terrified of him.

Remember these charges have not been proven, but it’s also worth noting that The Dream was arrested before for assaulting Lydia, but charges were dropped because Lydia refused to testify. Honestly, I really don’t care what her motives are now, if The Dream did in fact cause these injuries, he needs to be prosecuted. {Source}

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