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New Details Emerge: Solange Knowles Reportedly Yelled At Rachel Roy Before Jay Z Fight

Let me just say, I honestly don’t think we’ll ever know what really happened in that elevator. We can speculate until the sun goes down but the only people that know are Beyoncé , Jay Z, Solange and Julius. And none of them are going to talk. But according to US Weekly, some new details are emerging from that night.

2012 CFDA Awards - Outside Arrivals

Apparently, while Beyoncé  and Solange were indeed having a good time earlier that night, with Jay Z hanging in the background, things went south.  A source shared that Solange was yelling a designer Rachel Roy before leaving.  Apparently Beyoncé  tried to get into the middle of it to break it up but to no avail. Not long after that the trio was spotted leaving.

Just a few years ago Solange actually attended the MET Gala with Rachel Roy so who knows what could have lead to this apparent argument. This story keeps getting more strange by the day, I tell you.

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