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JET Magazine Says Bye-Bye; Shutting Down Print & Moving To Digital Format

After 63 years of weekly publications, Johnson Publishing Company is pulling the plug on the print format of JET magazine. The company will switch to digital format at the end of June, and the weekly publication of JET will move online to a new format. The company shared this statement in the following press release:

Almost 63 years ago, my father, John Johnson, named the publication JET because, as he said in the first issue, ‘In the world today, everything is moving faster. There is more news and far less time to read it. He could not have spoken more relevant words today. We are not saying goodbye to JET, we are embracing the future as my father did in 1951 and taking it to the next level.

Wow…I always thought the magazine was named JET as in “jet black”. Although I spend most of my time reading blogs these days, I will miss my little time with JET at the beauty salon.

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  1. Everything must change. I looked for a copy of Jet magazine at the checkout counter in Jewels a few days ago. I didn’t see any copies anywhere. I should have known something was up. I have been a reader of Jet magazine since the days when the young boys sold copies on the elevated trains here in Chicago. What a sad day. Oh well, nothing stays the same.

    • It’s bittersweet. All of my life there has been JET magazines to read. It just feels like this is a death instead of a rebirth.

  2. This is sad. I will miss this magazine.

  3. No more JET Mags spread out on the coffee table…?? What a sad day…

  4. Wow! I’m going to miss seeing us represented on the newsstand via this outlet.

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