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Jada Pinkett Smith: You Guys Are ‘Covert Pedophiles’ For Thinking Willow’s Picture Was Sexual!!

Oh Smith family. You either love em, or hate em or just think they’re plain weird.  Will and Jada have gotten into flack in the past a lot about their parenting techniques and this time is no different.  The picture of Willow Smith laying on a bed with shirtless 20 year old actor Moises Arias has been circling the internet. A lot of people think the picture is sexually suggestive and question Willow‘s guidance by her parents. The good folks over at TMZ caught up with Jada outside of an airport yesterday to hear her view on it.

Jada Pinkett Smith on Willow and Moises picture Jada Pinkett Smith: You Guys Are Covert Pedophiles For Thinking Willows Picture Was Sexual!!

Yeah, Jada doesn’t appreciate you all thinking there’s anything wrong with the picture. She’s perfectly fine–the problem lies with everyone else.  Check out the clip, when you continue… 

Now, Willow and Moises have known each other for a long time and apparently they have a brother/sister type of relationship. So what do you all think?  Is the picture innocent or does it cross the line?

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  1. I guess calling everyone covert pedophiles is one way to defend your daughter.

  2. love her reaction. smart and to the point

  3. I totally agree with her — why are we judging someone who we don’t know. Moises has been a close friend for YEARS

  4. The picture in itself wasn’t inappropriate, but I think the backlash is because of how the Smith’s have chosen to raise there kids.

    • I agree with that. It’s hard for traditional parents to understand this non-traditional style, but maybe it will work best for them in Hollywood.

  5. Congrats to Will and Jada!! This is what is going on when you let the kids be in show biz in order to pay for your lavish lifestyle and fading career!! As parents, it also prove they are incompetent. Let the poor girl go to school, socialize with friends of her own age! Then let her decide at 18 years-old what she wants to do. Will and Jada, are you blind? Cant you see that both of your children are depressed and crying for help? Or so selfish and wrapped in your fake world that you can see anything??? Well this what is going where a couple have a open marriage and have their priorities screw up.
    Hope these children will find peace one day.

    • Tell us how you really feel. LOL! I think it’s tough for them because they live in a world different from us. These kids mistakes will be magnified and played out in the media. Their oldest turned out well, although his mother is a little more traditional, so let’s hope the same will happen for Willow and Jaden.

  6. She better get a grip on her kids before Hollywood take control of them

    • That’s my only concern, so structure will help fight against the Hollywood youth curse.

  7. I just don’t think we understand how the Smith’s are raising their kids. Very untraditional parenting style over there!

    • I also don’t think we understand raising children in this industry, either.

  8. Covert pedophiles…well that’s one way to put it

    • Why would people outrage be the pedophiles? Sounds like they want her protected more, and not in more suggestive pics. As a mother, I know Jada is mad. I agree people are definitely projecting a lot onto this picture with out knowledge.

  9. I was saying the same thing. Its just a photo.

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